Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

Pu Sheng Introduction

Pu Sheng
Pu Sheng (Haobo Ma Play)

Wang PuSheng, a 15-year-old boy living in the "Royal Family" in the suburbs of Nanjing, was still a child until the war began, but when it was over, the children who had experienced the cruel military massacre of the Japanese devils in Nanjing had changed Into an adult beyond recognition, the war invisible to a young body and heart completely reborn. Overnight his family were killed, the only sister disappeared, in order to find his sister, Pu Sheng also tried every means to do everything. From a boy to a man, Pu Sheng spent only a few days, for himself, for his sister, he can only be strong, but also because of the unfortunate experience of his rapid growth into a small hero.

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