Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep45:Episode forty-eighth · Fabby blow up the church

Red damask shouting do not want to go to die with them ran to the church backyard, George ran chase behind her, the two jumped into the sewer by mistake, at first they thought they found a new channel happy inside Called Yu Mo et al's name, want everyone to escape from this sewer. Two people in the sewer Pathfinder, the result did not take long to have been locked on the iron gate. Fa Bi and Yu Mo prepared a sumptuous dinner for the evening, and Fa Bi even poured a glass of red wine for each girl so they could taste the red wine. Like the last supper, Yu Mo advised everyone to eat and drink good, can be a sweet dream at night, it is best to dream of the end of the war. Yu Mo Fa Fa cling to her, this is the 49th day of their acquaintance. Red Aya and George continue in the cold sewers, both physical almost overdrawn, but still surrounded by iron fence, George put his head in, Red Aya wanted to open the door for him, but the two exhausted the way still Pull does not open the iron gate. Yu Mo for Meng ShuJuan combing hair, Meng ShuJuan asked Yu Mo what love is, Yu Mo told her that she saw the first man in love, he panicked in front of Yu Mo all the actions, Yu Mo like this person , Love her love to crazy, but this is not true love, the real love is that she loves to die, Yu Mo remembered Dai Tao and shed tears. Hei YanJiuZhi surrounded the church with his men, he intends to let men burst into the church after a while. Fa Bi expected Hei YanJiuZhi not to let them off easily. He took out the underground mine, explosives and guns. He threatened that Fa Bi had to kill him. Fa Bi destroyed the gun and then let him loose. Escaped, threatening to escape from the church and told the Japanese army to run quickly. Fa Bi blew up the church with mines and explosives, threatening to let Fa Bi let him go and did not want him to be buried with him. He wanted to take away the film from Meng ShuJuan's hands and then to exterminate those in the church. He did not expect Fa Bi to use such a method, which would have saved him from filming. Hei YanJiuZhi watching the raging fire in the church, so that his men packed guns and ammunition back to the headquarters, the church was destroyed, and his mission is also completed.

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