Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep20:Episode 20 Tao leaves the church

Yu Mo or Dai Tao for a good medicine, prostitutes to warm the body drink the priest placed in the cellar wine, then put a song, a group of people dancing in the cellar. Aya also called on George and A Gu, Yu Mo and Dai Tao intimately dancing. Meng ShuJuan discovered Fa Bi's possession of the closet, and she took out a bunch of dolls inside. Fa Bi came to the consolation room in the evenings to calm down and saw Meng ShuJuan. The two chatted. Meng ShuJuan knew all the secrets of Fa Bi, but she never told Father Fa to do the wrong thing. Meng ShuJuan tells Fa Bi that he has found his treasure trove. Fa Bi sees the doll in her hand and understands that the doll is a woman in A Dream of Red Mansions. The Dream of Red Mansions is twelve slits with thirteen women on top. Fa Bi gave the doll to Meng ShuJuan, but he asked Meng ShuJuan to persuade the girls to live in the cellar together. He always felt that he was going to an accident and saw Fa Bi bitterly seeking concurrence. Meng ShuJuan had to agree. Meng ShuJuan saw through the windows in the cellar that the prostitutes were dancing with the men in the church. Meng ShuJuan cursed them as shamelessly. Fa Bi let Meng ShuJuan take a break before he came to the cellar and told the prostitutes what he saw in the city as the Japanese army. He told Dai Tao not to forget that he was a soldier. Dai Tao left the cellar to the attic to have a hair dryer in the night. Mo Mo went up to the attic with them and chatted. Dai Tao told her that she was born in Baoding Military Academy and was a soldier at home. If she came to Baoding after the war to find him, as long as Dai Junliang, chief of military administration, someone would certainly give her directions. Fa Bi thought the two left the church and now they were sent to death. The priest asked Fa Bi to retrieve them and Fa Bi saw Dai Tao about to leave. Dai Tao told Fa Bi to teach the Corps only to have him left now. It is not easy for the women in the church to survive. He wants Fa Bi to hold the women in the church. Only Fa Bi can take care of them. His dead brothers Did not die in vain Regardless of how Fa Bi persuaded, Dai Tao still refused to survive in the church. Mo Mo told Fa Bi that Wang XiaoMei's medicine was gone and Fa Bi and Yu Mo drove to a safe area to find Dr. Wilson's medicine.

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