Li YunLong Youbin Li Play)

He served in the Red Fourth Army as commander in chief, Eighth Route Army was directly under the command of independent division 129 division, the Liberation Army was the second division of the Central Plains Field Army commander. After the liberation, he was transferred to the commander of a coastal defense force in Fujian's military region. In 1955 to Nanjing Military Academy, after graduation, continue to serve as the military commander of the rank of major general.

Youbin Li

Li Youbin (born February 15, 1958) is a Chinese actor known for his roles in military dramas. In 2006, along with seven other actors, he received the Audience's Favorite Actor award at the Golden Eagle Awards.

Tian Yu Lei Tong Play)

A dare to dare to do, although she and Li YunLong early marriage because of the two personality differences began to slowly crack.

Lei Tong

Lei Tong, an actress from Mainland China, was born on January 13, 1980 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. He graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Shanghai Theatre Academy. In 2001, he made a debut with the drama "Twelve Wind and Rain". In 2003, she was concerned about her role as a "second-school teacher, Chen Fei," in the youth drama "Walking Through Flowers." In 2004, he appeared in the ancient costume chivalrous TV series "Sui Tang Heroes". In 2005, he was widely known as "Tian-yu" in the age war drama "Sword." In 2006, he starred in the emotional drama "The sun shines like a flower". On April 5, 2007, the premiere of the anti-war drama "Euphorbia flower" premiered; on July 3, the anti-war drama "Thebeatgoeson" starring, Lei Tong won the 7th China Golden Eagle Television Arts Festival audience favorite women Actor award. In 2008, he appeared in the urban emotional drama "Who knows my heart." In 2009, he starred in the rural drama Down Came a Blackbird. On November 19, 2010, the city's youth inspirational drama "One by one forward red" premiered. In 2011, he won the 29th China Television Drone Award for outstanding actress nominations for his spy drama “Stab”. In 2013, he starred in the war drama "The Troublesome Times". In 2014, she appeared in the family emotion drama "Half way father and son". In 2015, he participated in the revolutionary drama "The Hero Ji Hongchang." On July 24, 2016, the starring anti-war drama "Yichang Warfare" was aired. In 2017, she appeared in the urban emotional drama “our love”.

Zhao Gang Zhengjun He Play)

The prototype was Li Zhen, who was engaged in the student movement in Peiping in 1936. Joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1937, studying at Yan'an University of Defense, 1938, Eighth Route Army 129 Division 386 Brigade independent political commissar, and Li YunLong all the way bumpy still get along with tacit understanding, because the extraordinary sniper rifle method won the Li YunLong and Kong Jie respect. Ren Huidong Field Army during the Huaihai 11 vertical division 2 political commissar, 2 vertical deputy political commissar and director of the political department, 1955 was awarded the rank of major general. Frank and highly educated (Yanjing University students), is a typical idealist.

Zhengjun He

Zhengjun He, a military family born in Chengdu, Sichuan province on June 16, 1962, is a film and television actress in mainland China. In 1979, Zhengjun He, 17, made a graphic design at Chengdu Bureau of Light Industry. In 1982, admitted to the Central Academy of Drama Department of performance, after graduating in 1986 assigned to Shanghai People's Art Theater. In 1986, he participated in the first movie "Rui Yun of Rui Yun"; in 1998, he nominated the best actor in the ninth Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival with the title of "National Anthem" Tian Han. In 2005 starred in the TV series "Sword", plays the corner of Zhao Gang. In 2014 March, starring drama "Green Lane" in the CCTV Yatai prime broadcast.

Chu YunFei Guangbei Zhang Play)

Kuomintang generals, Whampoa 5 graduates. In the Anti-Japanese War, he worked together with the Eighth Route Army, and at that time, Li YunLong admired Li YunLong repeatedly with Li YunLong. However, they admired their admiration. Later, when KMT and CPC became the two enemies, they again and again met each other on the battlefield. Both of them mercilessly tried to eliminate each other completely. In a fierce battle, Li YunLong hit 18 shrapnel and nearly lost his life. Chu YunFei was also fired by the machine gun, because the bullet saved his life only 1 centimeter away from the heart. After the liberation, Chu YunFei went to Taiwan with the Kuomintang.

Guangbei Zhang

Guangbei Zhang Born in Beijing, China in 1959, film and television actor in mainland China, deputy general manager and producer of Beijing Beiguang Media & Film Co., Ltd. He joined the army in 1976, and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 1986. In 1986, he participated in the first movie, "Furong Town"; in 1988, he won the award of "Society of the Performing Arts" by virtue of the movie "Arclight"; nominated for Best Actor Award for "Huabing" by the movie "Mutiny". In 1993 in the TV series "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" as the corner of Riboud. In 2005, and Li Youbin, He Zhengjun starring in the TV series "Sword." In 2013, starring drama "Wangfujing" with Li Cheng-ru. In 2015 starred in the movie "three body" in Chang Wei thinking corner.


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Li Sun Feng Nan No introduction
Weihua Zhan Zhang DaBiao No introduction
Peng Lu Shan BenYiMu No introduction
Li You Kong Jie The prototype is General Xiao Quanfu. Violent and senior in qualifications. As a result of the training in the Korean War, he was profoundly aware of the modernization of national defense. He was originally from the Fourth Front of the Four Sects and later became the commander of the 9th and 26th divisions of the Northeast Fourth Field and the deputy commander of the 46th Army in 1950, followed by 1951 In 1956, he was promoted to military commander. In 1954, he was promoted to military commander in the Battle of Nanjing Military Academy. In 1955, he was awarded the title of Major General.
Quanyou Wang Ding Wei Prototypes Ding Sheng and Zhong Wei. Fierce battle of war, with ambitious strategic vision and genius tactical command, although with Li YunLong, Kong Jie compared to junior, but the military will never go under them. During the Anti-Japanese War, he served as 28 regiment, 129 division new regiment first regiment, participated in the western Shanxi melee, responsible for the rescue mission. He is invincible in the Northeast Liberation War.
Tong Zhang Wei DaYong No introduction
Xiaojun Zhang Duan Peng No introduction
Liang Linlin Yang XiuQin No introduction
Yang Spring Xiao ZhongYiNan No introduction
Xiaotong Che Liu BoCheng No introduction
Yige Chen Zhang BaiLu No introduction
River water Sun DeSheng No introduction
Liqun Zong Peng DeHuai No introduction
(None) Chen Geng No introduction
Chen Wanglin Xing ZhiGuo No introduction
Yuan Man Zhu ZiMing No introduction
(None) Xie BaoQing No introduction
Liu Bing Yu Luo WanChun No introduction
Dong Qi Ming Chang NaiChao No introduction
(None) Shan QiZhiPing No introduction
(None) Fang LiGong No introduction
Leizhi Xu Sun Ming No introduction
(None) Chen XiaoChun No introduction
(None) Shen DanHong No introduction
(None) Tian MoXuan No introduction
(None) Shan MaoZi No introduction
(None) Fu BuZhiChen No introduction
(None) Qian BoJun No introduction
(None) Zhang FuGui No introduction
(None) Ping TianYiLang No introduction
Meng Gengcheng Ban TianXinZhe No introduction
(None) Su Yu No introduction
(None) Huang ZhiYong No introduction
Yuan is the flag Ban XianZhang No introduction
(None) Chen ShaoYou No introduction
(None) Yi YuanYuanZhang No introduction
Zhidong Na Liang GuoPing No introduction

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