Beautiful Li HuiZhen(TV)[2017]
Beautiful Li HuiZhen(TV)[2017]
Beautiful Li HuiZhen(TV)[2017]

Beautiful Li HuiZhen(TV)[2017]

Episode: 46 Area: inside China
Stars: Dilraba Dilmurat Peter Xirui Li More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Chenyang Zhao Year: 2017
Genre: City | Workplace | Inspirational | Love | Comedy

《Beautiful Li HuiZhen》Episodes

Bai HaoYu (Peter) Studying Abroad Returning to Riverside City, Find a Junior Friend Dilraba Dilmurat to Meet. Huizhen childhood beautiful, but grew up to become ordinary. Hui Zhen to not disappoint Hao Yu, so friends Xia Qiao (Sierra Lee ornaments) to meet for themselves. Bai HaoYu did not recognize Xia Qiao as a pretender. Hui Zhen to the magazine after working to find the boss is Bai HaoYu. Bai HaoYu harsh on the job, Huizhen also be blamed. Reporter Lin YiMu (Vin Zhang ornaments) surface trickery Hui Zhen, but actually secretly help. Bai HaoYu and Xia Qiao get along and found Xia Qiao from the memory of Hui Zhen far from. Hui Zhen gradually overcome their lack of work, and slowly grow. Bai HaoYu found that the company's Hui Zhen closer to the memory of Hui Zhen. Bai HaoYu found that after Xia Qiao was not the truth of Hui Zhen, she returned to the real Hui Zhen side. Lin YiMu now also began to pursue Hui Zhen, and compete with Bai HaoYu. Magazine suffered a decline in sales crisis, Lin YiMu overall situation, volunteered to let Bai HaoYu interview himself, he was a very famous writer, to experience life from the office to work. Hui Zhen will be drawn into his own work experience comics, published online, triggering a click-through boom. Eventually Hui Zhen and Hao Yu finally married & nbsp ;.

Plot Summary>>

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