Legend of White Snake(TV)[1992]
Legend of White Snake(TV)[1992]
Legend of White Snake(TV)[1992]

Legend of White Snake(TV)[1992]

Episode: 50 Area: Taiwan, China
Stars: Angie Chiu Cecilia Yip Maggie Chan More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Tsu-Hui Hsia Ho Yee Year: 1992
Writer: Min Kung Jiping He Tsu-Hui Hsia Genre: Love | Mythology | Classical | Legend
Producer: Cao Jing De

《Legend of White Snake》Episodes

Bai SuZhen (Angie Chiu) was originally a white snake practiced in the mountains. On the 1st, a white snake captured by a snake elder caught a calamity and was fortunate enough to be saved by a small shepherd boy. Bai SuZhen secretly swear: this life-saving grace, I will never forget. Bai SuZhen experienced 1700 years of practice, finally exhausted, to become a human form. Her desire to continue to cultivate Mount Emei, but by Guanyin instructions, remember the human side there is a period of love gone. In accordance with the guidelines, she came to Hangzhou West Lake looking for a previous life-saving benefactor Xu Xian ... Bai SuZhen met the green snake on the way (Maggie Chan ornaments), the two became master and servant, but also get along with the sister. Qingxu Second Snake demon found Xu Xian (Cecilia Yip ornaments) on the Broken Bridge in the West Lake. Bai SuZhen and he fell in love at first sight, and volunteered to make a marriage with him. After the wedding, Xu Xian and Bai SuZhen were blindly in love with each other. Bai SuZhen opened a pharmacy for the under-funded Xu Xian and allowed Xiao Qing to steal money from Qiantang Bank. East window incident, Xiao Qing Shi Fa forced the magistrate to lightly sentenced Xu Xian sent to Suzhou. Bai SuZhen all the way to find, and finally meet Xu Xian, Bai SuZhen lying deceived Xu Xian stolen silver thing, the couple opened the pharmacy security gate in Suzhou. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Bai SuZhen was forced to drink the most repugnant maleozoic liquor of the snake. However, she found the prototype and the accident scared Xu Xian and Bai SuZhen, Even in front of the Queen Mother risked hard to grab. Queen Mother was furious, a shot then captured Bai SuZhen, want to put an end to her, Fortunate Guanyin came forward to plead for her in time, saved the couple. Since then, Xu Xian has been offended by members of the "Three Imperial Ancestors' Association of Physicians" due to his skill in medicine. The members of the association were framed by Xu Xian, but Bai SuZhen defused them all. Bai SuZhen in order not to make Xu Xian foolish, so that Xiao Qing steal Liang Bao four treasures for the exhibition, although the Liangwang investigation, Bai SuZhen treasures to the tribute for the treasures to be threatened Liang WangYe, Liang WangYe self-knowledge, then Zhixian sentenced Xu Xian to Zhenjiang. Afterwards, Xu Xian knew Bai SuZhen's true identity was a snake demon, but both were more affectionate. Xu Xian, Bai SuZhen, and Xiao Qing moved back to Xu Xian's sister Xu JiaoRong Live, family and music. Xu Xian and Bai SuZhen opened a Baohe Church in Zhenjiang, dedicated to saving the world and taking the risk of removing the demon "Wu GongJing" from the scourge. Unfortunately, Bai SuZhen has Xu Xian's flesh, but after Bai SuZhen gave birth to a child Xu ShiLin (Cecilia Yip ornaments), the old toad and Bai SuZhen toad became the toad essence, and now has become a priest Monk Zhenjiang Fa Hai (Ti-Men Kan) Jinshan Temple Abbot abruptly appeared. Fa Hai Aggressive accusation Bai SuZhen: Because of her husband's heart-wrenchingness "and Xiao Qing's theft of silver and treasures on several occasions, and the impotence of Xu Xian," the lawsuit is riddled with the legend of New White Snake being constantly in prison, "" tearing off the crowd and teasing the government " Heaven can not tolerate. " Therefore, stubbornly, it is necessary to maintain the humanity of heaven and earth for the sake of heaven. Fa Hai left Xu Xianqiang in the Jinshan Temple of Zhenjiang for the purpose of forcing Bai SuZhen to come. Bai SuZhen to save her husband, together with Xiao Qing Zhenjiang Jinshan Temple VIP. Fa Hai aggressive, unwilling to let Xu Xian left.Bai SuZhen was unbearable, launched an aquatic army, "Water Manchurian Mountain" and vowed to take Fa Hai to a higher position to rescue Xu Xian, who eventually infringed the rules of "living creatures." After a fierce shemale big fight, Fa Hai eventually magic skills superior, the attack will be Bai SuZhen suppressed under the Leifeng tower, and told her: "20 years later, to be Wenquxing champion day, that is, when you are out of the tower ... ". Xu Xian was heartbroken and gave her son Xu ShiLin to raise her sister Xu Joryong. She went out alone to Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang to make up for her sin and atone for her soon-to-be-loved wife Bai SuZhen. Twenty years later, Xu ShiLin, son of Xu Xian, has grown to be a talented person with his sister, Li BiLian, from Xiao Qing Mei Zhuma and her childhood knight Qi BaoShan. After Xu Jiao-rong and Li GongFu (Ming Chiang) told Xu ShiLin's real life experience, Xu Shi-Lin made a big move and took the vow to win the exam. Former son of Wu GongJing, formerly removed by Bai SuZhen, Jin BoFaWang, is a revengeful revengeful, using good Shih Tzu Hu MeiNiang (Angie Chiu ornaments) and Cai Yin for wanting to hurt Xu ShiLin. Unexpectedly, Hu MeiNiang and Xu ShiLin love, always still can not bear to Xu ShiLin start. Finally, Hu MeiNiang Xu Xinlin save their own hearts, but he fell in their wits. Although Bai SuZhen is in Lei Feng Tower, Xu ShiLin is feeling somewhere difficult. In order to save Xu ShiLin, Bai SuZhen furiously defended the Pagodas and forced out of the pagoda. Although he saved his son Xu ShiLin, he was accused of "culling unless Leh was pumped down by the West Lake, penalty. Jin BoFaWang was killed because of the attack. "Wenquxing" descendants of Xu ShiLin diligently study, and finally live up to expectations, won the champion in the expedition. He returned to his hometown of Zhenjiang to visit relatives, and turn to West Lake worship in front of Leifeng. Takao moved day, Bai SuZhen finally be out of the tower of fairness, see the sun, and Xu ShiLin reunion mother and son. Xu ShiLin married cousin Li BiLian. And Bai SuZhen, Xiao Qing, Fa Hai and Xu Xian four people also because of grievances have been solved, merit, the four together to ascend heaven as cents.

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