Surgical Storm(TV)[2017]
Surgical Storm(TV)[2017]

《Surgical Storm》Cast

Xiao Bin


No introduction

Nan Nan


No introduction

Fu Bowen (youth) Bo Ji Play)

Bo Ji

Bo Ji, Mainland actor, graduated from Beijing Film Academy Performance Department. In 2014, won the "Best Supporting Actor" for the 9th Paris China Film Festival with the film "The Sun Blossoms." Representatives of "my father and mother," "top secret escort," "the scene of the second episode" "happy street" "tiger thunder" "hundred birds toward phoenix" and so on.

Zhuang Shu Dong Jin Play)

Zhuang Shu, a professional surgeon with full expertise. The secret he carries is related to a murder incident at Renhe Hospital 30 years ago. Zhang ShuMei, a nurse at the hospital that year, was his mother, and Zhang ShuMei was expelled from the hospital after being questioned for having killed the patient with the wrong drug. Returning to Renhe Hospital after many years he clutched the road to proving his innocence. Zhuang Shu, who was overshadowed by childhood, is solemn and solemn. It is bound to be a necessary part of his self-redemption to restore the truth. [twenty one]

Dong Jin

Jin Dong (Chinese: 靳东, born 22 December 1976) is a Chinese actor. He is known for his television roles in Legend of Entrepreneurship (2012), The Disguiser (2015), Candle in the Tomb (2016), The Surgeons (2017) and The First Half of My Life (2017).

More《Surgical Storm》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Bai Baihe Lu ChenXi Lu ChenXi is a highly skilled thoracic surgeon and daughter of a victim of a hospital accident 30 years ago. Under Fu BoWen, she is optimistic and optimistic. Lu ChenXi is well-versed in medicine, and Zhuang Shu, a Chinese-American chest specialist at Renhe Hospital at Renhe Hospital, lives and works in Hong Kong. Zhuang Shu has also repeatedly brought Lu ChenXi, who was removed from the department of thoracic surgery for various reasons, back to the operating table. [twenty one]
Jiahang Li Chen ShaoCong Chen ShaoCong is a cheerful and funny emergency doctor. Cheerful, contracted Renhe hospital most of the joke, sunny lively boy image makes people laugh. Chen ShaoCong is not only a good business, cheerful, more important is helpful, full of sense of justice and social responsibility. [twenty two]
Jiachuan Lin Zhang Lei No introduction
Yongjian Zhang Ge ShuXin No introduction
Zehao Jin Fang ZhiWei Fang ZhiWei is the apprentice of Lu ChenXi and the chief physician of Renhe Hospital. Fang ZhiWei in the hospital is very intimate, can cleverly solve the embarrassment between colleagues, belong to the warm man. His delicate mind, concerned about the patient, in the debris flow disaster seriously injured. [27]
Du-juan He Chu Jun Chu Jun is a Renhe Hospital thoracic surgeon. Chu Jun, a visiting doctor, came to China firsthand, she is a real career white. Whether it is entering the workplace do not understand the rules of society, or after being mistaken, they are not self-confident, or did not grasp the way to get along with the leadership are reflected in her body. After some setbacks, she gradually grew into a more excellent and responsible doctor. [25]
Shaohua Ma Fu BoWen Fu BoWen is the president of Renhe Hospital. Also his father, in his care and concern, Lu ChenXi grow into a knife outside the chest, but behind this is his guilty of decades of guilt, unspeakable hidden influence even affected his career.
Yijun Liu Yang Fan Yang Fan is director of thoracic surgery at Renhe Hospital. Is also evil, the city is quite deep. Yang Fan is a wandering person who has a strong personality conflict between black and white. He struggles with his benevolent pursuit and reality. However, he devoted his best life to the profession and hospital and became a "Benevolent" is his bottom line, but also his pursuit. [twenty three]
Hong Wang Wang Chen No introduction
Moxi Zhang Ge Lin No introduction
Xinming Yang Zhong XiBei Zhong XiBei is director of emergency department at Renhe Hospital. Always smiling, though experiencing a "battle for life" every day, he stabilizes the urgency with calmness and tolerance while also warming his life. [twenty three]
Yang Yue Liu ChangHe No introduction
Lyric Lan Yang Yu Yang Yu personality is simply generous, Lu ChenXi is the best friend, but also the most trusted doctor of all doctors in the hospital. Although she grew up with her mother and lived a tough life, she was like a sunshine like a sunflower. Her difficult life instead exercised her independent living ability, leaving her with a more tenacious and confident character. [twenty four]
Le Geng Xue Luan No introduction
Mengyao Zhu Pei Pei No introduction
Michelle Zheng YanHua No introduction
Muyang Chen Yuan Ye No introduction
Sen Wang Yang ZiXuan Yang ZiXuan, a son of Yang Fan, is passionate, cheerful and agile. After taking her to university, Yang ZiXuan won first place among the scholarships set by Vanguard and gained her chance to study mathematics in the United States. During her study, Yang ZiXuan The persistent character of scientists has a near-paranoid pursuit of the truth and rigor of medical science. [26]
Shih-Chieh King Xiu MinQi Xiu MinQi is the old dean of Renhe Hospital. In that year, because of the reputation of Renhe Hospital, Zhuang Shu's mother, who was then a martyr's family member, was wrongly pushed to the mother's mother after passing the wrong medicine and causing the death of the patient. Many years later, I finally admit my mistake. [twenty three]
Yongquan Wang Dawn's father No introduction
Lu Gao Lin Huan Lin Huan, the sister of Zhuang Shu, reunited after years of experience but did not know each other because of her own experience. Now Lin Huan is a cello musician, full range of literary children. Zhuang Shu, an elder brother who makes it impossible to recognize one's blood relatives, has painful experience. In the face of life and death, the complex relationship between people and his life makes the doctors who have the skills to do nothing. [28]
Xihe Tan Lin Hao No introduction
Xiaoyu Wu Liu Ling No introduction
Ge Hu Hu Ge No introduction
Xin Gao Repair ministry Qi (youth) No introduction
Liu Lin Zhang ShuMei No introduction
Xiangjing Liu Li ZhuRen No introduction
Wang Lejun Xiao He No introduction
Cuifen Cao Zhao YuXiNaiNai No introduction
Chengwei Ren Zhao ChongGuang No introduction
Yanjun Bi Liang SiJin No introduction
Yongdai Ding Gao HongXiang No introduction
(None) Ying ZhiNan No introduction
Lu Zhang Cao GuangYi No introduction
Lijuan Zhao Zhao Jing No introduction
Jiandong Zhang Xia ChuanMing No introduction
DONG Yong Wu Tian No introduction
Shuai Ren Chang LiSheng No introduction
Li Guangfu Zhang YiMin No introduction
Qingxiang Wang Zhuang ShuFuQin No introduction

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