What to take to save you, my love(TV)[2011]
What to take to save you, my love(TV)[2011]

《What to take to save you, my love》Cast

Han Ding Nailiang Jia Play)

Excellent family environment, a good education so that Han Ding became a very righteous lawyer, met her after Luo JingJing had a good impression.

Nailiang Jia

Jia Nailiang (Chinese: 贾乃亮; pinyin: Jiǎ Nǎi Liàng, born April 12, 1984) is a Chinese actor. Jia graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Luo JingJing Xinyi Zhang Play)

A kind, generous, simple, passionate girl. As a wealthy daughter, to model as their own occupation.

Xinyi Zhang

Zhang Xinyi (Chinese: 張歆藝; pinyin: Zhāng Xīnyì, born 29 May 1981) is a Chinese actress and director. In 2015, she was list by Forbes as one of the wealthiest actors in China.

Long XiaoYu Lin Cui Play)

He was born poor, hard-working, and finally "successful" after suffering, but he found himself already in love with people who had wanted only to use

Lin Cui

Lin Cui, born April 9, 1982 in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, is an actor in mainland China. In 2000 starred in Wang Xiaoshuai director movie "seventeen-year-old bike" and became popular, and by virtue of this movie won the 51st Berlin International Film Festival best new actor award and best newcomer award. In 2007 starring in the TV series "flag heroes biography"; 2008 starring "big city romantic"; 2010 starring "What to save you, my love"; 2012 in the costume historical drama "Zhong Yue Fei" as Zhang Xian. Starring in the movie "Tanabata Love" in 2015.

Zhu SiPing Xuan Dong Play)

And Long XiaoYu childhood grow up in the troupe, their hard-earned money earned are used to cultivate Long XiaoYu, but by his call that is, to go immediately.

Xuan Dong

Xuan Dong was born on November 5, 1982 in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy with 2000 undergraduate performance and is a film and television actress in mainland China. In 2003, starred in martial arts drama "Snow Dragon" and entered the showbiz. In 2005, starring costume martial arts "gentleman good 逑." In 2008, with the feature film "Li Chun" nominated for the 27th Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress; the same year, she also starred in martial arts costume "Eight Heroes." In 2009, due to starring drama "break through the Middle East" get more attention. In 2010, starring urban suspense drama "impeccable beauty cloud" and youth inspirational comedy "adolescence hit menopause." In 2011, she starred in the love drama "What's New to Save You, My Love," and Metropolitan War Drama "Invincible Master"; the same year, she also held a wedding with Gao Yunxiang in Beijing. In 2014, Lin Chao-ying, once again the founder of the tomb faction in the martial arts drama "Condor Heroes," once again received the attention. On June 2, 2016, Xuan Dong gave birth to a daughter dimple in Beijing. In 2017, starred in the tango tango and costume drama "Three Kingdoms".

More《What to take to save you, my love》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Zhenhai Kou Luo BaoChun Luo JingJing's father, the name has a wealth of assets, quite a love for her daughter. In the way of daughter's growth has a profound influence.
Hao Zheng Zhu QiGui No introduction
Zhi Qi Zhang Xiong No introduction
Lu Xu An Po No introduction
Liang Jing Cheng Yao No introduction
Mu Liu Lao Lin No introduction
Dong Ai Yao DaWei No introduction
Xiang Qi Zhang XiongXiFu No introduction
Qian Zhang Lin BiCheng No introduction

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