Hug you are happy(TV)[2017]
Hug you are happy(TV)[2017]

《Hug you are happy》Episodes

Stills Two of the most competitive real estate companies in the city of Sega and the Nian 2 groups have been struggling. Cheng Gong and childhood sweetheart Ren YuanYuan respectively played for two companies. Cheng Gong was out of love for being inattentively competent. Ren YuanYuan looks like his ex-wife, Li Zecheng, chairman of Nianghua Group. Li Zecheng forced Ren YuanYuan to leave Sega Group to switch to New Year, and make Ren YuanYuan smooth. At this time of Cheng Gong feel unprecedented pressure, he joined the Sega Group, the two broke up and become a career opponent. Cheng Gong chose to go with Guo Yuan, a girlfriend from Yuan Yuan, but hurt his buddy Lin Feng. Past friends against each other, but each determined to do their own business. A battle in the mall so that they lost but also allow them to re-recognize themselves. Yuanyuan let Li Chengze out of years of emotional fetters, and admire his quiet marriage; Cheng Gong recognize his love is not Guo Rui, the two broke up, but Guo Rui thus reap Lin Feng's feelings; Ren YuanYuan and Cheng Gong misunderstood Twists and tortures, and finally choose the origin of each other's emotions, the two reunited.

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