Hug you are happy(TV)[2017]
Hug you are happy(TV)[2017]

《Hug you are happy》Cast

Xia Wen

Xia Wen, a real estate group sales office, is a typical urban white-collar workers. Has a white-collar workers have the kindness, courage, independence, smart and other excellent quality, but also has the love of a small woman's infatuation, perseverance and other spirit. In order to love her, she is willing to pay for everything. Can be the last thing to do, and could not be with her beloved Cheng Gong together, after being been unrequited love of Lin Feng long-term infatuation and character touched, and finally came to Lin Feng.


No introduction

Ren YuanYuan Yixin Tang Play)

Yixin Tang

Tang Yixin (Chinese: 唐艺昕, born 9 December 1989), also known as Tina Tang, is a Chinese actress and singer.

Cheng Gong Xiubo Wu Play)

Xiubo Wu

Wu Xiubo was born in Beijing on September 5, 1968 and was an actor from Mainland China. Graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at the Central Academy of Drama. In 2010, he won the 26th China TV Golden Eagle Award for Best Performing Artistic Actor and the audience-loving TV drama actor, Best Actor of Huading Awards, Shanghai TV Festival's Most Popular Male Actor, etc. Awards. In 2013, with the romantic romantic comedy "FindingMr.Right" won the 32nd Public Film Award and the 21st Beijing University Film Festival Best Actor nomination, the film's box office exceeded 500 million yuan, refreshing the Chinese romance movie box office records. In 2014, the 42nd International Emmy Award for best actor was nominated for the costume drama Orphan Case. In 2015, the character film "MaXiangYangXiaXiangJi" nominated the 30th Chinese TV Drama Award for outstanding actors. In 2016, its starring love story "BookOfLove" reached 790 million yuan at the box office, once again refreshing the box-office records of domestic love movies. In 2017, he starred in the drama “Grand Army Division Si MaYi's Alliance”. In December 2017, it was named as an attractive star of the year.

Lin Feng An Shi Play)

An Shi

Shi An, born in Shanghai, graduated from Xie Jin Film and Television Art Institute of Shanghai Normal University and an actor in the Mainland. In 1997, Shi An starred in the drama "freshmen" and began acting career. In 2005 starred in You Xiaogang's costume palace directed drama "Taizu Secret History" and "Kangxi Secret History." Starring in 2008 drama "Lovers." 2011 starring urban emotional drama "pre-divorce rules." In the same year the Customs anti-smuggling drama "Heroes of the Country" won the 29th China TV Series Flying Award and "Five-One Project" award. Starring in 2014 fashion law drama "Gold Lawyer" in the East TV broadcast. 2015 Starring legendary costume drama "Shaolin asked." In 2016, starred in the city emotional drama "My First Half Life." In 2017, he participated in the costume drama "Qiang Quan · Yi Tian Xia".

More《Hug you are happy》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Chengyuan Li -- No introduction
Li Ai Guo Rui No introduction
(None) Dou Dou No introduction
Practicing Lin Ping No introduction

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