my dream man(TV)[2016]
my dream man(TV)[2016]

《my dream man》Character Relationships

TV《my dream man》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《my dream man》 Character Relationships:

《my dream man》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Wang Wei shore, Wang Rui

male. 25 years old. China and South Korea are mixed, one of the twins. Look cold, soft heart. Cold face, but a bow always reveals rare sadness.

Yang HaiYi

Female. 25 years old. Simple, lively, cute, silly naive. Eyes sincere, clear, fond of people.

Zhang WenHe

male. 27 years old. Cold, deep heart, revenge heart strong. Cold, rare sense of maturity, eyes always with a sense of mystery, people can not see through.

He LianNa

Female. 25 years old. Overbearing, self-willed, high above. Always look at people with a chin, with a sense of pride. Only in the face of Wang Rui, it became soft.

Wang ZhiGuo

No introduction

Lin Hui

No introduction

Yu Yan

No introduction

Kong XiaoNian

No introduction

Yuan Fang

No introduction



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