Mr. Good(TV)[2016]
Mr. Good(TV)[2016]
Mr. Good(TV)[2016]

Mr. Good(TV)[2016]

Episode: 42 Area: China
Stars: Honglei Sun Shuying Jiang David Wang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xiaobo Zhang Year: 2016
Writer: Xiao Li Miao Yu Genre: Contemporary city

《Mr. Good》Episodes

Lu Yuan (Honglei Sun), a Chinese man who worked hard in the United States to become chef at Michelin's Samsung restaurant, is a "devilish monarch" in most people's eyes, living a wanton, "Good sir", long-term and kind-hearted. America's nightmare car accident did not want his life, but let him live more and more strong. Returning to China this time, Lu Yuan had three purposes: to bring the ashes of his great buddy Peng, who died in a car accident, to bring him back to roots; and to send Peng JiaHe (Xiaotong Guan), a daughter of Uncle Pei at the age of eighteen, to her Mother hand; find a secluded place, hanging rope hanging rope. But I did not expect to see Jiang Jing (Xiao Che), the most ex-girlfriend I ever face, while Gan Jing's boyfriend turned out to be a boy who licked a popsicle with me when he was a kid. Jiang HaoKun (David Wang Decoration). The front of the car and the unreasonable confusion of the old love scissors have not yet been clearly understood. They have been entangled not only with Lay (entertainer), the brother of Jiang Hao Kun's sister, Jiang Lai (Jiang Shuying) And violent broke into his life, Mustang hit a strong horse, the two master trick, chase me by the like, the soul will eventually be a little closer to them, a mature age men and women love defense battle staged.

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