The Tibet Code(TV)[2016]
The Tibet Code(TV)[2016]

《The Tibet Code》Character Relationships

TV《The Tibet Code》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《The Tibet Code》 Character Relationships:

《The Tibet Code》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Zhuo MuQiangBa

Integrity, calm style evil, courage to forge ahead. He is a very amiable person, with a smile on his face, someone called him, and some called his professor, a real close friend, calling him Baron Bara.

Tang Min

Ice smart, weird, lively waves cheerful. Looks like temperament Qiangba sister. When Qiangba saw Tang Min for the first time, Qiang felt like a little princess who needed human protection and was deeply attracted to Qiangba. The appearance of Tang Min brings endless fun to Zhuang MuQiangBa's boring life. In the process of getting in contact with Qiangba, Tang Min also can not fall in love with this man, but as they get closer to Shambhala, Tang Min's identity seems to be getting more and more complicated.

Yue Yang

Timid, clever, insightful, thoughtful, sunshine, sense of humor In the ranks, Yue Yang is one of the few people that Qiangba trusted. Although Yue Yang is less prominent than the others, it is his heart. Qiangba mistakenly believed Yue Yang betrayed himself for a period of time, but actually Yue Yang had already discovered the true identity of Tang Min. At that moment, he planned and lurched to Mo Jin, prompting Mo Jin to trust himself and make an undercover success.

Lv JingNan

Resolute, selfless, firm and tolerant. Accuracy marksmanship, good detection skills, melee fighting, Tantric yoga and excellent survival skills in the field. As instructor of a special unit of the Tibet Military Region, a large number of outstanding students have been bred and covered areas such as the army and the police. Because of its harsh style, acting style is extreme, it is known as the iron soldier soldiers, stone Goddess of Mercy.

Zhang Li

No introduction

Mo Jin

No introduction

Tang Tao

Handsome appearance, gentle, but there is a dark and cold heart. Tang Tao family is one of the four major benzene wave of the light Jun Benbo wave descendants, captured by the 13 round table knight and carried out extremely cruel training to make it completely psychology metamorphosis, become a martial arts high irony, but the killer . His body is not high, but the body is very burly, black skin, iron, very strong, short hair to inch Xu, root upright, such as steel needle, his face is very handsome.

Ya LaFaShi

Knowledgeable, calm things. He is hidden in the training team, is actually a higher level than Lv JingNan leaders. He knew astronomy, geography under the knowledge of the agency is very much studied, not only martial arts very terrific, character is rare.

Ba BaTu

No introduction

De Ren

No introduction

Ma Suo

No introduction

Suo FeiYa

No introduction

Li Zhua

No introduction

Bo TuBo

No introduction

Da TangGe

No introduction

Suo RuiSi

No introduction

Xiao En

No introduction



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