The Tibet Code(TV)[2016]
The Tibet Code(TV)[2016]

《The Tibet Code》Episodes

《The Tibet Code》Ep1:episode 1

Zhuo MuQiangBa gave a speech to students about the Tibetan mastiff, but did not want him to pursue the legendary purple unicorn's dream but his students laughed at it. Strong bar to participate in wrestling competition, and clever than the opponent to become Cibai. The mysterious woman sends Qiangba a photo of Kirin Lin. Qiangba is very excited to meet with this person. His father told Qiangba that the sanctuary of the snow-capped temple of Pambala is not a legend, and that Qiangba is the successor of the family patron saint temple. Qiangba and Ya LaFaShi set foot on the journey to find the unicorn, do not want to find the mysterious woman was hijacked.

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