Good time(TV)[2015]
Good time(TV)[2015]
Good time(TV)[2015]

Good time(TV)[2015]

Episode: 38 Area: China
Stars: Ge Hu Xiaochen Wang Yajun Xu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xia Xiaoyun Year: 2015
Writer: Liping Wang Genre: City | Emotions

《Good time》Episodes

Photo Yuan Hao is a small and successful travel agency vice president, handsome, single gold, is the dream of most women get married. Yuan Hao, standing in his true years, is a good time in his life. However, since he grew up in a broken family, he suffered the crazy forced marriage of his girlfriend, which made Yuan Hao even more afraid of marriage. Flaunt themselves as a man who does not want to get married. Until one day, Yuan Hao, who saw a woman as a "rat," was caught in a wrong way and met Mao XiaoChun, an agile and intelligent woman with a "cat." Mao XiaoChun, a hospital nurse who had a complicated life experience and an unusual feeling of affection, later became a unmarried one. She and Yuan Hao did not know each other, and they gradually developed into a relationship of mutual pinch, The sparks, which men and women do not want to get married, finally overcome all the obstacles come together & nbsp; & nbsp ;.

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