《pretender》Ep1:episode 1

During the establishment of the pseudo-pseudo-government in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the country situation in China was in turmoil. Every government, with or without a fortune or national salvation, wants to survive in troubled times and every city is filled with silent smoke. Ming Jing, a red woman entrepreneur who is the chairman of Shanghai Ming's enterprise, is deeply bent on serving the country and secretly providing the Chinese Communist Party with anti-Japanese funds. Her younger brother Ming Lou, a good military agent, was mysterious, attracted the attention of Japanese chiefs and laid him down for private investigation. Ming Lou and his personal assistant Ming Cheng solved the secret agent in Hong Kong and retrieved the information. They knew that it was more than a survey conducted by a single agent. Ming Lou and Wang ManChun, chief of the Intelligence Department of Wang Pseudo-government agents, a ruthless woman, found out that the military and intelligence agents arranged by the Chinese Communist Intelligence Agency in the intelligence service personally executed each of the suspects. At the same time, she released a false message that one of them had changed so that the Kuomintang officials thought she would use the man to search for anti-Japanese elements and would like to plunge Kuomintang's intelligence system into chaos. And Ming Jing and Ming Lou have a very affectionate brother, that is, Ming Master Ming Master. Ming Tai sat down reading poetry, was born handsome, recently, he has been admitted to Hong Kong University. He took the plane to Hong Kong and did not expect it to completely change his destiny. On the plane, he inadvertently saved the life of Wang TianFeng, a military agent codenamed poison bee. Ming Tai discovered some of the wines that Wang TianFeng got when he was unfamiliar with stewardship and wine smells. After some temptation, he really let the flight attendants exposed, Ming Tai uniformed uniformed tour operator. Wang TianFeng quietly asked Ming Tai's origin, that he was a young Master, Wang TianFeng actually revealed a strange smile. Ming Tai, who did not know what idea Wang TianFeng was playing, answered very honestly. Wang TianFeng proposed that Ming Tai should attend military training to the UMNO and said that this is saving the country and saving the people. Although Ming Tai refused, but in the end he was taken to Hunan military academy. Awakened Ming Tai found himself at the military school, angrily accused Wang TianFeng ungrateful. He said he would find out if he does not sign in to Hong Kong. However, Wang TianFeng, who is acting in a harsh manner, was intimidated by Ming Tai, a caller who said he had arranged for someone to replace him. As for Ming Tai's remarks, he did not tolerate, mercilessly gave Ming Tai a slap in the face. No matter Ming Tai is willing to leave, he can only stay here for training. A few days later, Wang TianFeng took out military information to Ming Tai and asked him to receive training as a special agent at the military academy. Ming Tai, although somewhat bohemian, was impressed by the national salvation by Wang TianFeng, who signed his name. However, he made two demands, one is to get back his pocket watch, and the second is to call himself at home to report peace. Wang TianFeng said that personal belongings must be managed centrally, while the military regulations stipulate that they can not contact the outside world. Ming Tai told him that although he has already found someone to replace himself, but if he does not call the eldest sister reported peace, the elder sister will certainly find abnormalities.

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