Episode: 48 Area: China
Stars: Ge Hu Dong Jin Mintao Liu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xue Li Year: 2015
Genre: Suspense
Producer: Hong-liang Hou


Ming Tai (Hugh ornaments) During the Anti-Japanese War Wang puppet regime was established, rich young master Ming Tai went to study in Hong Kong on the way, was the senior military official Wang TianFeng fancy and kidnapped to the military training class, after training hard to become an outstanding Military agents. After Ming Tai and life partner Yu ManLi went to Shanghai, launched a series of secret activities. In the "Crush Program," Ming Tai and Cheng JinYun, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, joined hands to successfully blast the special train of the puppet government transporting Japanese senior officials. Both of them had feelings during the fighting. Later, Ming Tai assassinated Wang Pseudo-officials, assassinated Japanese spies, repeatedly made outstanding achievements. However, in a series of actions, Ming Tai was gradually discouraged by the Kuomintang's move to issue "national treasuries" and Cheng JinYun developed him as a latent worker of the underground party of the Chinese Communist Party. In order to gain the final victory ahead of the front battlefield, Ming Tai, in unison with Ming Brother, an elder brother of complicated identities, started the "Kung-bells ringing" campaign and successfully confused the Japanese with fake intelligence and won a turn for the ultimate victory of the war.

Plot Summary>>

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