Decisive river bridge(TV)[2015]
Decisive river bridge(TV)[2015]

《Decisive river bridge》Ep1:episode 1

The September 18th incident that stunned China and other countries broke out. Liaoning and Jilin Province fell into two continents, and Heilongjiang Province was in an emergency. As the Japanese army pressed harder and harder, all forces in the country were on the verge of attacking, and the northeastern military general Ma ZhanShan, among the historical wheels in the depths, was on the verge of death and took the national banner against aggression. Heihe border town of Heihe, under the command of Ma ZhanShan was governor, the people live and work in peace. However, the rapid fall of the two provinces after the Sept.18 Incident made the atmosphere of war still permeate the entire Heihe and Heihe township. A group of veterans who disregarded the reputation of military discipline in the name of Anti-Japanese War, has broken the silence of this city. In this group of "bandit soldiers" that used anti-Japanese sentiments to smash Japanese shops, they unexpectedly discovered the Japanese military radio station. Ma ZhanShan, who came to deal with them, was acutely aware that the Japanese forces have been extended to Heilongjiang Every corner of the province, which is a sign of the Japanese desire to create incidents in the Black Province. Ma ZhanShan was unrestrained and properly handled the mutiny and took this as a means of deporting and managing banditry around the Heihe River and making every effort to prepare for the possible invasion by the Japanese army. However, after Ma ZhanShan handled the bandits Zhang Biao, , Even against the water, fled to the famous bandits at the back of the King. Ma ZhanShan flew away from the horse, cutting off desert troops in the horse.

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