Decisive river bridge(TV)[2015]
Decisive river bridge(TV)[2015]

《Decisive river bridge》Cast

Ma ZhanShan Youbin Li Play)

Ma ZhanShan is the brigadier general of Northeast Brigadier Army's Third Brigade and guardian of Heihe Town. He served as Acting Chairman of Heilongjiang Province, military commander, led the shock at home and abroad, "Jiangqiao Anti-Japanese War." Ma ZhanShan set bandits, bureaucrats, warlords in one, multifaceted personality complex, who have banditry, there are officials, there are soldiers Jagged gas.

Youbin Li

Li Youbin (born February 15, 1958) is a Chinese actor known for his roles in military dramas. In 2006, along with seven other actors, he received the Audience's Favorite Actor award at the Golden Eagle Awards.

Xie Ke Jingming Shi Play)

Xie Ke was born in Baoding Military Academy and belongs to the professional soldier type. When the Northeast Frontier Defense Forces in Heilongjiang Deputy Chief Commander in chief of staff chief of staff. "Jiangqiao Anti-Japanese War", any deputy commander of the military. He is good at planning, willing to be an assistant, has military expertise, and is in a sub-handsome position. He has done very well and fully supports Ma ZhanShan in fighting Japan. He is a very good man.

Jingming Shi

Jing-ming Shi, born in Beijing on July 8, 1956. Jiangsu Arts drama actor, famous film and television speakers of the termites. In 1987 starred in the TV series "Detective". In 2000 starred in the TV series "Contemporary Merry" He Yumin, known to the audience. In 2002 starring TV series "No winter island." 2007 and Liu Lin, Yu Zhen, Wang Likun, Chunyu Shanshan co-starred in the TV series "Special Agent Group" as Li Zhibo, left a deep impression on the audience; in 2008 and Yu Zhen spy drama "Sea Wolf action." 2011 starring customs theme suspense drama "Heroes of the country." In 2014 and Tong Liya starring drama "Obstetricians."

Zhang HaiPeng Jinshan Liu Play)

Zhang HaiPeng is a defender of Liao Liao town. He is Zhang Zuolin under the old men, more than 60 years old, tall, fat, face pockmarks, people say Zhang Mazi, hair mustache are white, but ambitious. In order to be a ruler of Heilongjiang Province, he surrendered to the Japanese troops and made the Japanese vanguard of attacking the Black Province.

Jinshan Liu

Jinshan Liu, male, born on December 18, 1963 in Beijing, a national first-level actor. In 1996, he starred in the TV series "For New Life" starring Chen Peisi. In 2003, he was dressed in a fat translation in the TV series “The Litter Solider ZhangGa”. In 2004, Jinshan Liu was invited to join the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and performed with the comedian Feng Gong, etc., to perform a skit “Let One Live, Let Life Be Beautiful”. This was his first appearance on the Spring Festival Evening. In 2008, she partnered with Liu Hua (actor) and starred in the movie "GlitteringDay". In 2010, Xue Yong was featured in DetectiveDeeandtheMysteryofthePhantomFlame directed by Tsui Hark. In 2011, Jinshan Liu was invited to join the CCTV Spring Festival Evening and performed comic drama "Returning Money" with comedian Feng Gong. This was his second time on the Spring Festival Evening. In 2014, the film "CrazyNewYear'sEve" directed by Eva Jin and starring Jinshan Liu was released in Lunar New Year. In January 2015, as the first guest of the year, he will be a guest of the Beijing Arts Channel and tell about the column "Glorious Bloom." In 2016, he participated in the anti-war light comedy "Mist 1945".

Zhao ZhongRen Xuedong Mi Play)

Zhao ZhongRen is a member of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government and former director of the municipal preparatory office. In business, politics, academia, police, have a significant impact. He studied in Japan in his early years and was the leader of the capitulationists of the Black Province. He is less than 40 years old, of average body size and gentlemanly. He colluded with the Japanese, publicly declared capitulationism, assassinated Ma ZhanShan unsuccessfully and fled to Harbin.

Xuedong Mi

Xuedong Mi, Changchun, Jilin, film and television actor, graduated from Beijing Film Academy Performance Department, China National Theater actor. Representative works "Black Ice" "Euphorbia flower" "soldier glory" "is invincible" "battle of Jiangqiao"

More《Decisive river bridge》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yi Wei Feng XueRu When the provincial government confidential secretary, chief of the finance section. Because the only child was controlled by the traitor Zhao ZhongRen, Feng XueRu, under the control of Zhao ZhongRen, was coerced into an undercover position beside Ma ZhanShan and was always hostile to Ma ZhanShan. However, with the in-depth contact with Ma ZhanShan, he was hanged by Ma ZhanShan Attracted and gradually influenced by Ma ZhanShan's patriotic sentiments and national righteousness. In the choice and pain of her own country, she finally chose to stand on the side of Ma ZhanShan and sacrifice her martyrdom for love.
Jingchang Sha Wu Duo Provincial Teachers College principals, Beiman branch of the Communist Party in charge of Qiqihar. He is the organizer of the anti-Japanese national salvation activities in the provincial capital. He resolutely implemented the Special Commission of the Chinese Communist Party in Manchuria and actively organized all the people in the provincial capital to fully support Ma Zhan Shan's war of resistance. Organizing anti-Japanese mobilization meeting, in the provincial capital and combat area, mobilize the public, actively support the horse against Japan, made a significant contribution to the river bridge blockade.
Zhixuan Wang Hai Lan Patriotic famous Shoushan, patriotic progressive youth students, patriotic Union members. After the September 18 Incident, he dropped out of school and returned to the northeast. He decided to join the patriotic movement that opposed the Japanese invasion and defend Heilongjiang Province and became a representative of the passionate youth and the next generation. Later, he joined the Northeast Army of Ma ZhanShan and served as a nurse in the field hospital.
(None) Chen XueDong No introduction
Guangbei Zhang Ben ZhuangFan Ben Zhuang Fan, commander of the Kanto Army in Japan and chief planner of the Manchurian Incident, has a profound understanding of the Northeast and is an authentic China tour. Using military and diplomatic means and attempting to capture the province of Heilongjiang Province with the traitor Zhang HaiPeng, all were defeated by Ma Zhan-shan. The last effort to occupy the provincial capital Qiqihar.
Wei Liu Tu FeiYuanXianEr The Japanese army general, presided over the intelligence work, Japan's special operations group commander, also behind the Ma ZhanShan assassination, destruction of the messenger. One of the chief aides and decision makers at the Kwantung Army Command.
River water Sun DaJiang No introduction
Li Jinghong Ma Kui No introduction
Xiaojun Zhang Zheng LiangChen No introduction
Sun Xiaofei Xu SanXiang No introduction
(None) He Zi No introduction
nina Li YaNan No introduction
WUXIANFENG Sun DaHai No introduction

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