Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep2:Episode 2

Xia MingYing, Xia MingXing The sisters quarreled for Jiang JiaNan. The star scolded her sister for not allowing her to be puppy. But she ran to seduce Jiang JiaNan and vowed to grab Jiang JiaNan back. The moon was almost irrational for the younger sister. On the way home she saw that the moon was with Jiang JiaNan. She ordered her sister to break off with Jiang JiaNan. She said she would not explain. The star said she wanted to tell her that the moon told her she was not scared She told. Sure enough, a star told her sister to go home fall in love, my mom anger burning, asked the moon is not not want to go to college? Must be off immediately. However, his father's education was obviously more rational. He called his eldest daughter aside and laughed at it with no words, saying that he was remembered as having fallen in love with her mother when it was still younger than the age of the moon. When I was too young at that time, the result was a mess in my life and I lost many opportunities. My father urged my daughter to mature again to consider the problem of love. My father invited my father to believe in the moon. If the study of love is affected in the moonlight , She will take the initiative to cut off. Mingyue back to the kitchen cooking, celestial beggar asked her now is not particularly scared it? The moon said they have passed their homework, since they are not afraid of punishment. In the room Xia LiSheng persuade his wife, indicating that the temper of the month the more pressure on the rebellion, it is better to ease the main, not whether it is for a different way, the wife promised to try his method. Xu Chong Xu Chong, Chong Chong told her to practice the exercises do not do too much, all the topics on these types, as long as the problem-solving rules are not afraid of anything, the moon asked Xu Chong to teach her problem-solving skills , And promised to help him out of the blackboard reported as a reward. Xia MingTian was squeezed again at the school. Now Cao Yang has become his patron saint, helped him to get the money back, and said that he should tell her to ask her to eat wonton the next day. Mingyue examination had the second class, and stars, tomorrow's achievements in stark contrast, the parents of the table stampede on the moon, but also delicious to give the moon to eat, the stars took the opportunity to sow discord in front of his brother. Can not find the English dictionary around the moon, and asked tomorrow is not seen, Tomorrow was so nervous that he saw the stars put the English dictionary shelves, the moon did not doubt it, into the storage room rummage, the outside siblings two People took the opportunity to lock her in the storeroom, and let her stay until parents come back to it. Mingyixinxinchou a deliberately shouted, the outside of the siblings that she was hurt, opened the storeroom door came looking for her, hiding behind the door of the moon quickly sneaked out of the two locked inside and take care of themselves The family attends Jiang JiaNan for her celebration party went away. Star tomorrow can not do anything to use the gas tank foot on the storage room, can be considered after a hard climb from the small window of the storage room, but I do not know when they climb the window has turned the gas valve, laid the tragedy for the future A foreshadowing.

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