《都挺好》Character Relationships

TV《都挺好》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《都挺好》 Character Relationships:

《都挺好》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Su MingYu

She is a rebellious, independent and strong woman who broke off economic ties with her family when she was eighteen and rebelliously wanted to draw a line between the family and her family Dispute.

Su DaQiang

Su MingYu's father, acting unpretentious but selfish, stingy.

Su MingCheng

The Su family's second son, who was loved by his mother as early as he was young, seized the resources of Mingyu at home without knowing it. After marriage, he would still rely on his parents as a matter of course. He was a spiritually non-weaned mother. Su Mu's death caused him to lose his spiritual support and his life was frequently exposed to crisis. [2]

Shi TianDong

The owner of a small restaurant who was born rich but yearned for freedom was calm and calm. For all the troubles of Su MingYu, the bystander was clear and became the think tank of Ming Yu's handling of family affairs. He used warmth to dissolve the inner ice of Ming Yu. [2]

Zhu Li

Su MingCheng's wife. Beautiful and gentle, although spoiled, it is also reasonable, right and wrong. Before she died, Su Mu tried her best to please her and made her live a carefree life. With the death of Su Mu, Zhu Li gradually discovered the truth of the Su family. Su Ming Cheng’s immaturity and incompatibility led to conflict between the two. Layer upgrade. [2]

Su MingZhe

Su’s son. Su MingZhe is a typical “Chinese-style eldest son”. He is obsessed with filial piety, but he continues to harm the well-being of his small family in the United States. Marriage and his career are faced with several crises. [2]

Wu Fei

Su MingZhe's wife. This is a gentle, virtuous and traditional woman. In the face of her husband's filial piety and filial piety, Wu Fei tried to argue with herself and his daughter and she was extremely disappointed with Su MingZhe. [2]

Wu Fei

No introduction

Su Mu

This powerful woman is not only a tyrant of the family, but also a victim of marriage. She is a victim of filial sonship, and she also circulates the pain she suffered, cruelly accuses her daughter. Her departure has uncovered the brutal truth of this family. [2]

Lao Meng

Su MingYu's boss, Bole and mentor. [2]

Liu Qing

Zhongcheng Group's Jiangbei Sales Coordinator was very popular and alert, and Su MingYu was a capable man of Lao Meng. [2]

Xiao Meng

At first, he was a little “small and angry” and he didn’t need to see Su MingYu. Later, under the joint guidance of Ming Yu and Shi TianDong, he became the son of the Zhongcheng Group who grew up and transformed. [2]



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