Me a(TV)[2017]
Me a(TV)[2017]
Me a(TV)[2017]

Me a(TV)[2017]

Episode: 38 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Yishan Zhang Elvira Cai Xiaoqian Zhang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Ke Deng Year: 2017
Genre: Love | Suspense | Idol drama
Producer: Wei Na Zhang Zhangna

《Me a》Episodes

Shen YiZhen, a successor to the mythology group and Zhang Yishan, vice president of entertainment company, suffered a multiple personality disorder because of a missing childhood memory, with a rare seven-person personality. Because of the relationship between multiple personality, Shen YiZhen's life is full of ups and downs and dangers, career is also halting. Positive, cheerful, good psychiatrist Bai XinXin (Thái Văn Tịnh) met with him, overwhelmingly into a secret physician. With the help of Bai XinXin, Shen YiZhen regains her courage gradually and confronts her lost memories of pain. With a cheerful attitude, extraordinary courage and her own abilities, Shen YiZhen truly becomes a successor to the success of the mythological group. At the same time, the common salvation with Bai XinXin has been achieved. In the end, Shen YiZhen's multiple personality was cured, he also harvested love, career and dream & nbsp ;.

Plot Summary>>

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