In the name of people(TV)[2017]
In the name of people(TV)[2017]
In the name of people(TV)[2017]

In the name of people(TV)[2017]

Episode: 52 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Yi Lu Zhang Fengyi Gang Wu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Lu Li Year: 2017
Writer: Meisen Zhou Genre: Contemporary | Anti-corruption | Prosecutors
Producer: Yalin Gao Lu Li

《In the name of people》Episodes

When a project director of a state ministries and commissions was reported to have received bribes of tens of millions, Hou Liangping, director of the Investigation Department of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, came to the search to see what he saw as a simple and honest old peasant with a simple, In the rude old house to eat noodles. While the mask of the corrupt elements was finally ripped apart, Ding Yi Zhen, deputy mayor of the capital city of Jingzhou in Hantong, a province of Han Dong province closely tied to the case, was assisted by the secret agent of a mysterious figure Reconnaissance methods to escape the French in exile. The case trail ends up in the fight for equity of a typhoon garment factory in Han Dong Province led by the Guangming Lake project in Beijing. However, the various political forces implicated in it are complicated and confusing. Chen Hai, director of anti-corruption bureau of Han Dong Procuratorate, suffered a bizarre car accident in the investigation. In order to complete the unfinished business of those same year students, capable and capable Hou LiangPing was appointed to take over the unfinished business of Chen Hai. In the political scene in Han Dong Province, "Politics and Law Department" represented by Gao YuLiang, deputy secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Politics and Law Committee of Han Dong Province, "Secretary Gang" phase represented by Li DaKang, member of Standing Committee of Han Dong Province and secretary of Jingzhou Municipal Committee For many years, regardless of Xuan 轾. The arrival of Sha Rui Jin, the new provincial party secretary, is destined to break this balance of politics and bring a new flavor to the reform in Han province. People's name poster

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