My! Physical Education Teacher (TV)[2017]
My! Physical Education Teacher (TV)[2017]

《My! Physical Education Teacher 》Episodes

《My! Physical Education Teacher 》Ep1:mark husband and wife divorced Wang millet arrested with boyfriends

Ma Ke took his wife, Tian Ye, for the 16th anniversary of his classmates. They were very happy and retired while drinking. Ma Ke drank a lot of wine and thanked Tian Ye for thanking Tian Ye 16 years ago for marrying him and giving him a lovely pair of children. Ma Ke would like to get drunk with Tian Ye, but Tian Ye has been unable to support her. Ma Ke did not want to send Tian Ye back home and would like to continue drinking with other students and commissioned Zhao Ling to drive Tian Ye home. Tian Ye talked with Zhao Ling on the road and suddenly remembered that she had drunk a lot of times when she was studying and was accepted by Zhao Ling each time. Zhao Ling is curious why Zhao Ling was not drinking in front of her. In those days, he was not drinking wine, but wanted to stay awake, easy to get drunk Tian Ye go home. Zhao Ling fell in love with Tian Ye during her student life and has been guarding Tian Ye silently. His infatuated behavior has touched Tian Ye deeply. Tian Ye thirsts to drink water. Zhao Ling helps Tian Ye to take the water inside the bag, which contains the divorce certificate of Tian Ye and Ma Ke. Zhao Ling saw the divorce certificate and Ma Ke was divorced from Tian Ye. , The two were divorced at the same day they joined the class reunion. Although Zhao Ling loves Tian Ye, he does not want Tian Ye to divorce. Instead, he hopes Tian Ye and Ma Ke will have a sweet life. Zhao Ling has a deep love for Tian Ye and can not help but hold Tian Ye. Ma Li's daughter, Ma Li Li, just saw the embrace of her mother, Tian Ye and Zhao Ling. Ma Li Li did not feel good about it and turned around and ran. Wang XiaoMi and her boyfriend Qiu Feng opened a pet studio, but the business is not very good. Qiu Feng photo for the customer's pet, blurred the pet blurred, led to Wang XiaoMi dissatisfaction. Wang XiaoMi and Qiu Feng went to the restaurant for dinner, neither of them wanted to check out. The restaurant owner decided that Qiu Feng wanted to eat King meal and clashed with Qiu Feng. Wang XiaoMi seized a bottle under the urgency hit the boss's head, pulling Qiu Feng pulled his leg ran, but they did not run how long they were arrested by the police. Ma Li Li angry mother Tian Ye affectionate with other men, her mother Tian Ye is full of resentment. Wang XiaoMi and Qiu Feng were detained by the police. They quarreled at the police station. Eight years ago, Wang XiaoMi was drawn to Qiu Feng, who was cold-hearted and made trouble. Today, eight years later, Qiu Feng is still as enterprising as ever. Wang XiaoMi disappoints and has the idea of ​​breaking up with Qiu Feng. Police informed Tian Ye went to the police to pick up her daughter Ma Li Li and Tian Ye went to the police station and took her daughter Lid. Wang XiaoMi and Qiu Feng were detained by the police for one night and the next day they were free. Ma Ke and Tian Ye talk to tell Lily about divorce, but Tian Ye disagrees and she's afraid she'll hurt her Lily.

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