Xiuxian morta(TV)[2017]
Xiuxian morta(TV)[2017]

《Xiuxian morta》Cast

Han Li Ge Hu Play)

Er name Erleng son, the sky over the country Qiuzhou Wuliou Wuli people, Yan tribe. Ordinary appearance, dark skin, ranking fourth in the family, childhood was introduced to seven Qimen door, due to body with spiritual roots (four pseudo-root lack of gold), can be practiced Changchun Gong and was accepted as a disciple Mexican doctor, since then embark on Cultivation of the road. People will firm, no disadvantage can not afford early, acting low-key, not good face. Hard practice all the way, eventually soaring Xianjie.

Ge Hu

Hugo (Chinese: 胡歌, born 20 September 1982) is a famous Chinese actor and singer. While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In September 2012, he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards for his role as Lin Juemin in Chinese historical film 1911. He is best known for his role as Mei Changsu in the 2015 television drama Nirvana in Fire, for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Magnolia Awards. Hu Ge is currently managed by Hu Ge Studio, contracted under Tangren Media.

Nan GongWan Xiaolu Li Play)

Han Li Covering the moon female repair, mortal magic Suzaku ring, practice prime prime reincarnation. In the bloody forbidden area and Han Li together to kill Mexico Kau, after touching the ink Kau prostitution, and Han Li top down. Yuan Ying mid-term with Han Li became a lover, Han Li fly Ling sector after the repair due to not enough to temporarily stay in the community. After the advanced God, because of unexpected accidents soared to the small spirit days. Han Li returns to Nan GongWan after taking an advanced Mahayana to PHC. Han Li soaring immortal bound to retain the spirit of the Terran.

Xiaolu Li

Li Xiaolu (Chinese: 李小璐; pinyin: Lǐ Xiǎolù, born 30 September 1982), also known as Jacqueline Li, is a Chinese actress and singer. She is best known for her role in Joan Chen's directing debut Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl (1998), idol drama All the Misfortunes Caused by the Angel (2001) and the popular youth series Struggle (2007).

Yuan Yao Angelababy Play)

Han Li confidante. The repairing fairy priestess near Kuixing Island paid attention to her sister-in-law Julie and paid a heavy price for her ever-born sister-in-law. She and sister-in-law practiced the yin and yang cycle and was inhaled by the unknown channel. / Qing YuanZi received the finalist. Han Li is a great helper to Han Li and he is ignorant of Han Li.


Angela Yeung Wing, better known by her stage name Angelababy, is a Chinese model, actress, and singer based in Hong Kong. Her stage name came from the combination of her English name "Angela" and her nickname "Baby".

Zi LingXianZi Dilraba Dilmurat Play)

Han Li confidante. The real name was Wang Ning, the woman who was the original chaotic star of the sea, and Han Li had the first beauty and confidante in his life. The human world Han Li helped Han Li to recover his freedom for the first time. After killing the mother of the locust, Han Li helped the purple spirit to get rid of the control of the six poles. She wanted to bring her back to the spirit world, but learned that Han Li had a great chance of flying in the wild and chose to stay in the devil, thus having the opportunity to realize the fairy statue. Reunited with Han Li in Xianjie.

Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat (Uyghur: دىلرەبا دىلمۇرات‎, ULY: Dilreba Dilmurat, preferred transliteration: Dilraba Dilmurat, born 3 June 1992), better known as Dilireba, is a Chinese actress of Uyghur ethnicity.

More《Xiuxian morta》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Qing Jia Yin Yue No introduction
Gabrielle Guan Mu PeiLing No introduction
Joe Chen Chen QiaoQian No introduction
Yi Song Dong XuanEr No introduction
Zhao Liying Han YunZhi No introduction
Ming Xi Wen SiYue No introduction
Han Zhang Li FeiYu Han Li friends. Having met with Han Li at Qi Xuan Men, his subsequent generation of Li family passed the Wu Chuanjia and the Korean family for many years. Han Li is still used to the name of a former friend after embarking on a journey of cultivation.
Dong Han Mo JuRen Master Han Li. This was one of the founders of the Surprise Society of the Third Combat in Ganzhou. For some reasons, he was trapped by Qi Xuan Men. The Han Li Xian Fa was taught to seize the house. After the defeat, the deity was swallowed by Han Li and left a suicide note, forcing Han Li. Go to Mohism to detoxify and properly settle the Mohist. Leaving Han Li as an immortal and immortal impression greatly changed the character of Han Li.
Jordan Chan Da YanShenJun No introduction
Haoran Liu Qing YuanZi No introduction
Baoqiang Wang Lei YunZi No introduction

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