Celebrating the year(TV)[2017]
Celebrating the year(TV)[2017]

《Celebrating the year》Cast

Fan Xian Ruoyun Zhang Play)

Fan Jian's adopted son, former orphan orphan, Ye QingMei and Qing Di's son, handsome in appearance, moody and desperate, possession of peerless deeds, heavy love and justice, after becoming famous in the South.

Ruoyun Zhang

Zhang Ruoyun (Chinese: 张若昀, born 24 August 1988) is a Chinese actor. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2007.

Qing Di Daoming Chen Play)

One of the world's four grandmasters, Fan Xian's biological father, he is good at forbear, the heart with the world unification.

Daoming Chen

Chen Daoming (born 26 April 1955) is a Chinese actor who has starred in various genres of film and television series.

Lin WanEr Qin Li Play)

Fan Xian is the wife, according to the morning county magistrate. The character is lively and agile, nicknamed "Chicken Girl" because of Fan Xian's association with a chicken drumstick.

Qin Li

Li Qin (Chinese: 李沁, born 27 September 1990), also known as Sweet Li, is a Chinese actress.

Chen PingPing Gang Wu Play)

Supervision Dean, under the one million people, good planning and bold. His face is ruthless and cruel, but in fact there is still warmth, especially for Fan Xian, he "turned into a bright spot of blue smoke," spare no effort to cultivate Fan Xian. [8]

Gang Wu

Wu Gang is a Chinese actor. He is known for his roles in Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker, and Iron Man for which he won both Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor and Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actor.

More《Celebrating the year》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yi Song Fan RuoRuo Fan Xian's sister, one of the best poetry and painting, with the "first talented woman in Kyoto," said.
Yu Xin Lei Liu SiSi Concubine, big maidservants
Zhilei Xin Hai TangDuoDuo Northern Qi dynasty, but eager ordinary life, and Fan Xian do not know each other, experienced from enemies to friends change process.
Chun Li Si LiLi Northern Qi Royal.
Han Jiu promise Ye LingEr Fan Xian's apprentice.
Liu Meitong Zhan DouDou Northern Qi emperor. Childhood, she climbed the throne in the precarious. As she grew older, her resourcefulness and foresight were gradually revealed, attempting to step by step out of Empress Dowager and gain independent control of the government. Privately loved by this little emperior to read the book written by Fan Xian, and outsiders have always been moody, but occasionally love and Fan Xian, the envoy who commissioned Northern Qi joking. Under her big office in the country, she also had a girl's heart that she could hardly detect.
Karina Zhao Liu RuYu ——
Ringo Yu Xiao En The Northern Wei and Northern Qi's elderly, secret intelligence chief.
Hua Liu Fei Jie Fan Xian one of the enlightenment master.
Yu Tian Wang QiNian Wang QiNian is a dumbfounded, but smart guy who loves money and love his daughter. Fan Xian treatment is very loyal, has followed him, accompanied him through the court changes. [11]
Yang Wang Teng ZiJing Conservative Teng Chong Qiong Teng adults Baling County, and later became the housekeeper Fan family.
Xiaowei Yu Shen Zhong Northern Qi Jin Yiwei Zhen Fusi command, the Empress Dowager first minister. People ruthless, but in normal days it is a smile face to face. He painstakingly managed the Northern Wei Jin Yiwei, arresting Yan BingYun, so Fan Xian, who made his bid for the Northern Qi Dynasty, became the biggest catastrophe in his life. [12]
Qilin Guo Fan SiZhe And Fan RuoRuo is sibling, good at doing business.
Shuguang Gao Fan Jian Fan Xian's adoptive father.
(None) Lin RuoFu When headed prime minister, Lin WanEr's father.
Sean Xiao Yan BingYun No introduction
Mengshi Tong Wu ZhuShu No introduction
Zhang Hao only Li ChengQian When the Prince Edward.
Li Sun Gao Da Queen's division teacher.
Lanpeng He Shang ShanHu ——
Liu Runnan Li HongCheng Jing Wang Shizi.
Duan-duan Liu Er HuangZi No introduction
(None) Ye QingMei No introduction
Xiaoran Li Zhang GongZhu No introduction
(None) Liu Yu No introduction
Yitian Hai Zhu Ge No introduction
Louis Sun Lang Tao No introduction

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