Housewife Detective(TV)[2015]
Housewife Detective(TV)[2015]
Housewife Detective(TV)[2015]

Housewife Detective(TV)[2015]

Episode: 43 Area: China
Stars: Xiaolu Li Nailiang Jia Enyou Liu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Jinyuan Wu Guohua Chen David Lau Stanley Year: 2015
Writer: Jingjing money Yang rebel Mai Zhicheng Genre: Suspense

《Housewife Detective》Episodes

Photo Early Republic of Shanghai. Housewife Gou JiXiang suffered an unfortunate death when her husband passed away and was mistreated. To find out the cause of death of her husband innocent, auspicious to become female detectives. Mao RuYi is auspicious partner, kind-hearted, but arrogant. Detected in the case, they both make many contradictions. With the deepening of cooperation, they came to a tacit agreement, under the pressure of the leader Fu LanKe, to crack many suspicions, not only to punish the wicked, but also to help many of the bottom poor people. Auspicious by the loss of self-housewives transformed into a new self-confidence and independence of women, Confucianism by the unarmed son of brother brother into a responsible brave detective. While both cherish their love, they also understand the meaning of life: they are determined to help more ordinary people in need of help. In the handling of the case, auspiciousness and Confucianism saw the true colors of the imperialist colonists and exposed the panic of Fu LanKe and his profiteers. They left the patrol room and opened the auspicious detective agency dedicated to serving the people, writing justice with youth and blood. & Nbsp ;.

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