《IOrderYou》Character Relationships

TV《IOrderYou》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《IOrderYou》 Character Relationships:

《IOrderYou》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Ru GuoDa

Handy Bento Flada owner, chef. Tall figure with slender white fingers, not only looks handsome and very sexy. But in fact it is a cold and critical principle. Interest is to see comic books. Because you want to make food in the comic book in reality to become a chef. In the famous French competition in the "bento" won the first place. With almost tasteful and ornate techniques of making artisanal handiwork, there is a once-a-month culinary journey to develop new recipes. Cool and gentle tone behind the warm and gentle care. Few people open their hearts to others, but they will trust them once they are paid. Will be straightforward to express their own favorite woman's man. At the NUS, who met Matsu, a guest who happened to come to "Flada," the two met with strange marriage.

Pu SongEr

Advertising company Angde Communication staff. 155cm small body exudes a lively, bright, confused energy. Whenever someone "咻" appear when I do not know why always step back as a coward who now still remain in love for the first time. Do not want to insist on wearing stilts because of short stature height, in order to cover the scars on his forehead with curtains like bangs. In the eyes of men than the "woman" is more like "sister" image. One day, the handy-benton shop "Flada" accidentally intersected with chef Ru GuoDa.

Kai Wen·Zhu

Advertising company leader of Angde Communication. Wear a straight suit, intellectual, gentleman, but also has a good figure of the perfect man. It is an outstanding talent from the United States. Gentle, kind, humorous, and even gentleman to playboy that will make all the women can not be illusion. He looked at Matt, and Matt seemed to hate him. Kevin has always been calm gentleman mind has anger, to win the boiling desire.

A DuoHua

Ru GuoDa Past women, 30 years old, have a refined and intelligent image. No less than the national strength to send chefs, operating a restaurant. Is a woman will also like lean beautiful woman, very attractive. Fall at the wedding, deeply hurt the NUS heart. After the separation of the two left unparalleled to the NUS, trying to restore the relationship back to the NUS side again, the National Hospital to NUS store to help.

Han FeiLong

Flada Staff, 32, Nationals best friend. Has a slender, clean shape, everything is serious, but I do not know where the unnatural charm. Often joking with pure laughter, though the joke is not good. When people around me are tired, I always play a real role around me. Understanding that NUS is an outward appearance is a cold and fussy person, but people inside me have more than once given emotionally advice to the NUS.

Nan XiuLi

Flada's old unit, 23-year-old clerk. Straightforward, passionate twentieth Century new concept of love people. Color magic! Like to contact with a woman's body is also very teasing people. In others it is a playboy pure love pie. But will not understand the atmosphere, often because of laziness to make mistakes or wrongly talked, was drafted by the country. Have a good impression on Song children, indirectly promoted the National Congress on the possession of Song children.

Wu DeXi

Advertising company staff, Matt's colleagues. 30-year-old woman. 19 Forbidden women. Various models are covered in love, the last remaining secret love affair. Appearance straightforward character, a bit pungent, but sincerely treat a good girlfriend Song Son. Tiger skin pattern powerful role, she will patiently listen to Sonny love distress and then give her advice, Pu SongEr's love mentor.

Pu SongZhu

Pu SongEr's younger brother, 27 years old. Security company staff. Muscle strong. Extremely exclusive sister love, quarrel every day, quarrel also worried about the same children as my sister's brother. I really like to eat lunch at the National Day lunchbox.

Pu SongZhu

No introduction



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