Sunshine boy'.(TV)[2015]
Sunshine boy'.(TV)[2015]

《Sunshine boy'.》Character Relationships

TV《Sunshine boy'.》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Sunshine boy'.》 Character Relationships:

《Sunshine boy'.》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships


No introduction

Tong JunMing

Returnees president, the United States experienced the pain of divorce, the frustrated love of the face of the arrogant and uninhibited anchorwoman Liang Xin just wanted to conquer her, and finally was kind Liang Xin infection, suffered a heavy heart gradually being She healed and regained her enthusiasm for life, opened her heart again, and both of them compose the movement of love.

Liang Xin

No introduction

Tong JiaXin

Tong JunMing's sister. After returning from studying in France, an art studio was run. It was originally a literary young woman who advocated freedom of love, but was married to a well-to-do husband due to her family's misfortune. In the face of conflicts raised by her brother and Liang Xin's various kinds of love and hate, she adjusted her wisdom and shot an important stone for the heroine's love.

Tian Fei

Tong JunMing ex-wife, the United States Chinese first female lawyer. Proud character, stubborn, but also the sun, frank and confident.



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