Episode: 30 Area: China
Stars: Dong Jin Yuqin Han Kui Qi More>> Language:
Director: Jingcheng Pan Year: 2015
Genre: Contemporary | Spy war


A new type of submersible developed by the Institute of Confidential Unit 301 was tested for launching water in Mishima City. The leaks occurred during the experiment. Mishima City National Security Bureau received the task, detection of the case within 60 days. Hong ShaoQiu, the "bad boy", and Yeh-jen, a woman, started a task force to start a game with the enemy. The process of handling cases has encountered unexpected obstacles. Hong ShaoQiu and Ye Enthalpy also have contradictions due to their different personalities and ways of doing things. The day after the task force was formed, the clues from the "espionage king" in country D came to an end and all the clues were broken. Hong ShaoQiu turned her detective perspective to a 301 Institute where he grew up. After the struggle of emotion and reason, finally caught the ghost, at the same time, but also reap Ye enthalpy trust. Gao YiTian, ​​an "entrant" employing leaf enthalpies, unexpectedly appeared, bringing an unexpected turning point to the entire investigation. As soon as everything went smoothly, he finally found the "eyes" hidden in the deepest depth.

Plot Summary>>

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