Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance(TV)[2015]
Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance(TV)[2015]
Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance(TV)[2015]

Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance(TV)[2015]

Episode: 46 Area: China
Stars: Wang Luoyong Vivienne Liu Taishen Cheng More>> Language:
Director: Wenqi Li Year: 2015
Writer: Ruo-mu Miao Liu Yanwu DY Genre: Anti-japanese war

《Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance》Episodes

The anti-Japanese war history of the Northeast Anti-Japanese coalition for fourteen years is the most painstaking and painstaking one in the history of our party and army in the same way as the history of the Red Army's march of history and the three-year guerrilla warfare of the Red Guerrillas in the eight northern provinces. In a long time, the anti-Japanese coalition forces created by the Chinese Communist Party, under the condition of no rear support, no food bombs and liaison with the CPC Central Committee, fed on grass bark, took Lin Haixue as their home, Clothing for the clothes, the Japanese guns for the gun rifle endless, galloping, ups and downs, compassion, with blood and life to write a epic, magnificent, rich and unique geographical story. In the fourteen years, more than 100,000 Japanese and puppet troops were killed by the Allied Anti-UN war in Northeast China, heavily attacking the invaders and restraining hundreds of thousands of Japanese elite troops from going south, which favorably supported the national war of resistance. The play mainly describes the outstanding generals of the Northeast Anti-Japanese forces such as Luo DengXian, Yang JingYu, Zhao ShangZhi, Li ZhaoLin, Wei ZhengMin, Feng ZhongYun and Wang YaChen, and shows the group of Chinese national heroes in those years.

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