《SWITCHOF》Ep2:Episode 2

Gu Family rose for the name of a teacher named Lin JingYi, Fang Cheng on Lin JingYi secret love affair. Time flies, two children continue to grow up. On the 1st, while her husband went out to take medicine, He Xiu found Fang Cheng and asked to see her daughter. Inadvertently interrupted Fang Cheng Lin JingYi vindictive opportunity, Fang Cheng take He Xiu no way can only come to the nurse home with He Xiu, did not tell He Xiu changed the child's reality. Fang Cheng and He Xiu to see the damsel beat the girl, the trio of disputes. In the end, Fang Cheng asked He Xiu to go with this girl and stop looking for him again. Medicine shop, Fang Cheng's brother because of the lack of several herbs and anxious. At this point, He Xiu's husband Yaoge just returned from herbs, herbs to be sold in the shop. Medicines Shop owner saw a few herbs just exactly what Fang Cheng's elder brother needs herbs, hurry up to sell Yao medicine. Easy to sell herbs Yao face is not pleased, but the boss aside, telling the owner himself seems to have dug a good hundred years Polygonum, the boss hurried to Yaoji took a look, after some check to determine Yaoge dig up really is a good wild centuries Polygonum, but there is no market price Gufeng doctor probably only to afford the price. Yao brother hurried home, to share this good news with He Xiu, did not expect to find that have not had time to send out the back of He Xiu girl, Yao brother furious to tell He Xiu if he can not see the sale of Polygonum This girl Yao brother and Valley doctor will eventually Polygonum about the price of 8 two gold, so Yiu brother with Valley doctor came home to Polygonum multiflorum, it is strange that Polygonum is "missing." Yiu brother saw in Ren Dong's mouth has not yet been cleaned of medicinal residue, turned out to be hungry girl saw fleece-flower fleece on the table will be eaten. Yiu brother angrily, crazily cried to kill this girl. Valley doctor could not bear to Ren Ren Dong saved and gave Yao some money as compensation, but can not help but leave. He Xiu saw the hands of the money fly, can only rely on playing scolding girl solution. On the 1st, the girl smashed the bowl again, and He Xiu punished her for being allowed to eat at the wall. Yao brother but dialed some rice to another bowl, called her come eat, and named her Ren Dong. Ren Dong at home cooking dishes sweeping, but also from time to time by He Xiu beating. On this day, the Yao brother who took home the medicine came home to see He Xiu scolding Ren Dong. The impatient Yao brother drank He Xiu and brought Ren Dong up the mountain to take medicine. Ren Dong every day along with Yaoge herbs Hill, monasteries learned a lot of knowledge about herbs. Rose also received a good education in the Valley, the two grew up day by day.

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