The two generation Era(TV)[2015]
The two generation Era(TV)[2015]
The two generation Era(TV)[2015]

The two generation Era(TV)[2015]

Episode: 42 Area: China
Stars: Xiaochen Wang Yi Jiang Lu Mi More>> Language:
Director: Wenji Teng Wang Wei Year: 2015
Writer: Hui-jun Fei Genre: Family
Producer: Huatao Teng

《The two generation Era》Episodes

In the fourth year after her mother, Jin CanCan, brought her daughter, Lu XinEr, with her motherhood, she wanted to have a second child. With her in-laws support, Jin CanCan went to the photo to have her second child's birth certificate and was opposed by her mother. And the income of Jin CanCan and her husband did not guarantee the quality of life of the second child, so she could send her daughter Back to work after kindergarten, just then she found herself pregnant. At the time when the state promulgated the new birthrate policy for second child birth, Cancan decided to leave a second child with the support of her in-laws. Jin Xiao XiaoDong, an honest husband of Jin CanCan, was a little relieved when her older daughter was admitted, but she had to switch sales to save milk money, but she was always unobservable by customers. The two families also produce various disagreements on such issues as birth examination and house purchase. After the birth of the second child, the contradiction is even more escalated, but in the end the small husband and wife eventually mature in their difficulties and work hand in hand to weather the storm. On the other hand, Jin CanCan's girlfriend, Du Juan, was also a second child. However, her husband was busy working long hours. Du Juan devoted her mind to two children, gradually neglecting her husband's needs and the two were drifting away. Until one day, when her husband ended up in strength, Du Juan regretted and took with her husband difficulties.

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