iPartment Season 4(TV)[2014]
iPartment Season 4(TV)[2014]

《iPartment Season 4》Episodes

《iPartment Season 4》Ep1:Episode 1 The truth is only one

Ceng XiaoXian and Lv ZiQiao and others talked about the proposal of Tang YouYou and Guan Gu at the bar and talked about the pregnancy of Tang YouYou. The pregnancy test stick was once again mentioned in the exhibition. Monica was obviously nervous. Fortunately, this matter Did not continue to study. Ceng XiaoXian talked to Lv ZiQiao safflower thing, Ceng XiaoXian very embarrassed and helpless. Tang YouYou told Monica, Seki decided to find out who is the pregnancy test stick, Sekiya tried to find clues, clues to find the courier, decided to meet the courier, Mika learned the matter, early to stop the arrival of the appointment Courier, Meijia Seducing courier, courier for the truth to hide their own, this trick works quite well, so that the thinking of Guan Gu exploration more chaotic. Ceng XiaoXian In order to help Hu YiFei as soon as possible to heal the feet, determined to master the master's massage techniques, the final successful practice of good first-hand massage techniques. In the meantime, Chen MeiJia is still making up stories to conceal pregnancy tests. Just as Ceng XiaoXian massaged Hu YiFei, Nuo Lan came to the apartment again, which made Hu YiFei very uncomfortable. The end result was that Zeng was kicked by a Philippine sister. Tang YouYou concluded that pregnancy test stick is MEGA, Monica had to confession honestly.

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