Episode: 46 Area: China
Stars: Han Zhang Gulnazar Kenny Kwan More>> Language:
Director: Yui-bun Chu Qiang Hu Year: 2016
Writer: docin Genre: Fantasy | Drama
Producer: Qiang Hu Jiang Hao


In ancient times, in response to the drought, two ancient Chinese tribes, Dongyi and Jiu Li, sent princes to Peachu Au in search of a heavenly ascendant. A friend Su Mo (Gülnezer Bextiyar ornaments) and Fu Er (Lyrics ornaments) from different destinies, one as a Suzaku Xuannu to protect the people of Jiu Li, the other as the Dragon Xuannv to lead Dongyi to seize the water upstream of Jiu Li. A mysterious woman plus seven stars messenger, can form a team, wake up the corresponding animal. However, the Suzaku team's first wake-up ceremony was disrupted by Dong Yi Grand Army Bai LiHan (Chao-Li Chi). In order to awaken the animal beast again, Dongyi and Jiu Li began to compete for white tiger and basaltic god pestle. Bai LiHan uses the emotional entanglements between Su Mo and Fu Er to cheat God's pestle and successfully awaken the dragon. In order to prevent the enslavement of the people of Jiu Li in Dong Yi, Su Mo led the Suzaku team to return to the Kunlun Mountains for water beads and finally rescued the drought with the power of water beads, opening up a new world of peace and friendship.

Plot Summary>>

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