Tornado eleven people(TV)[2016]
Tornado eleven people(TV)[2016]

《Tornado eleven people》Character Relationships

TV《Tornado eleven people》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Tornado eleven people》 Character Relationships:

《Tornado eleven people》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Mu Qi

Cui Ying secondary school football coach, known as "Mussina", "fox coach .He wily, man-made, mixed, but it is external heat, helpful .Most adults are complex dark ugly can be in him Exclaimed, only what Mu Qi himself had never thought was that he was eventually completely changed by a group of sixteen-seven-broken children and one female mathematician who, after his death, Up. [5]

Pei Duo

Extracted English internship math teacher, soccer team led teachers. People called "Intimate sister", "mathematical genius", kindhearted, responsible. Stubborn girl, with a hundred years of unrelenting science tough students, without any difficulty, with full of dedication and enthusiasm. Metamorphosis of statistical up to anyone, everything can be interpreted data analysis, ready to draw a series of flat-panel model, in order to persuade people. Arcade domineering, all games come in handy, and quickly smile proud opponent. [5]

Zhong Yan

Cui Yingzhong school principal, an iron woman, a responsible, strong and stubborn female principal. Zhong Yan, under the leadership of the leadership team, should be dismissed in her eyes as the football team fought in the City League. Through a friend-organized party, Zhong Yan met Mu Qi and she was very satisfied with Mu Qi. Through further exchanges, Zhong Yan also knew that Mu Qi is running a football training school. Mu Qi's success in football tactics, Zhong Yan admires Mu Qi.

Lu Jie

Extract English middle school physical education teacher, arrogant force. Crush on Zhong Yan, the arrival of Mu Qi brought him a sense of crisis, envy and resentment on Mu Qi, looking for opportunities to extricate Mu Qi as soon as possible. [6]

Yang Fan

Cuiying secondary school vice president, old-fashioned people.

Yin Jian

Management background, not only gentle and gold and delicate mind, is an elegant wealthy son, Pei Du Du Duo childhood childhood playmate. In pursuit of Pei Duo, played by Jiang Shuying, Yin Jian is not only a "quasi-boyfriend" who picks up her commute to work, but also listens to her "rubbish bin" complaining about it. [7]

Qin MingHao

Extracting English football team players, is a talented football teenager. He endured the suffering of boys of this age should not have: his father jailed, the contradictions of the former teammates, and sister dependent. These let Qin MingHao can not be the same as ordinary peers carefree, or even can not insist on his love of football. Finally, Qin MingHao still did not give up football, also reunited with his father. [10]

Ding Yu

Cui Ying secondary school football team players, like Pei Duo, Mu Qi staged for this both mentoring and rival game.

Wang JingKe

Extracted British captain football team captain, love football, physical efforts of the blood boy, but in academic but it is a pure academic residue, thanks to Tang Qi Qi off-site tacit examination before passing. Like Tang QiQi, so hard to learn, though eventually Wang JingKe received notice of acceptance of China University of Science and Technology, Tang QiQi by the United States Princeton University enrollment ended. [9]

He XinYan

He XinYan is a cheerleader of Cui Ying Middle School Football Team. He is a beautiful young and lovely young man who is admired by many male students. He is a popular school girl and enjoys mutual admiration with Qin Ming Hao and works together on the same university. [11]

Tang QiQi

"Witch learn tyrants" Tang QiQi not only outstanding test gate, but also cheerleaders, along with other team members, cheering on the side of the stadium for the players. [8]

Xiao Hei

No introduction

Lv BingXue

No introduction

Qin MingYuan

Smart cute cheerleader girl, but also Qin MingHao's sister. Due to his father's jail, let both brothers and sisters depend on each other, rely on each other. Brother used the man as escort for her sister, sister is caring to encourage the brother and father frustrated heart. [12]

Yu Yue

No introduction

Tian MiMi

No introduction

Zhou FeiZhou

No introduction

Zhou JingWei

No introduction

Chen YiZhi

No introduction

Guan WenFei

No introduction

Gu Mo

No introduction

Chong Yue

No introduction

Qin YuanShan

No introduction

Pei DuoFuQin

No introduction

Yu Fei

No introduction

Wang JingKeFu

No introduction

Pei DuoMuQin

No introduction

Yin JianFuQin

No introduction

Sun Yang

No introduction



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