Tornado eleven people(TV)[2016]
Tornado eleven people(TV)[2016]

《Tornado eleven people》Episodes

《Tornado eleven people》Ep1:Ying British secondary school football team to a strange coach

A football thrown high into the sky, the intense football match started intense. Dribbling, passing, team members flowing clouds. Attacks and defections again and again led to the heart-beating of Lu Jie, a PE teacher at Cuiying High School. Towards the end of the game, Cuiying high school team finally with a beautiful header, and the opponent Qindao 2, war became 1: 4, is still a fiasco. The original British-British secondary school football team is famous "waste wood" team, defeated repeatedly, often being looked down upon. After the game, the winning team once again laughed at this "scrap wood" team, resulting in both players beat up, this scene was watched the audience took down and sent to the Internet. Zhong Yan, headmaster of Ying Ying High School, was led by her leadership in the group fight, and in her opinion, this football team is useless and only shameless. In the lounge, the players are discussing this city school league. They are sophomore, the third year does not allow entry, so this is their last chance. The final group game left, as long as they win against nine of the game, you can qualify. However, nine than their opponents in the first two games have stronger, some players have begun to want to give up. Captain Wang JingKe encourage everyone: no matter win or lose, but also make every effort. A bright red car speeding on the road, passing the puddle does not slow down, splashing the roadside uncle mud. Pei Duo this scene in the eyes, she stomp riding a bike, and finally caught up in the car before the traffic lights, asked the owner why not decelerate, but owner Mu Qi without any guilty conscientious pointed out that uncle dressed in the street, his own deliberate Splash him a mud. It also accused Pei Duo of stopping himself in a motorway on his bicycle, also violating traffic rules. They conclude Liangzi. Through a friend-organized party, Zhong Yan met Mu Qi and she is very satisfied with Mu Qi. Both her appearance and her conversation have won her heart. Through further exchanges, Zhong Yan also knew that Mu Qi is running a football training school. But in fact, Mu Qi football training center just got better, but venues rent again. He was cheated before investing, stock locked in, suddenly into a dilemma, so he promised Zhong Yan to do the British-British secondary school football coach. On the other hand, Pei Duo also reported as a new trainee teacher in the principal's office. Zhong Yan saw Pei Duo's Taekwondo block and sent her to lead the soccer team. Ding Yu was a little displeased with Mu Qi who had just arrived. Mu Qi apart from anything else, immediately Ding Yu opened, totally ignoring the fact that he is the team's main force. He told team members that three days after the game can prove his coaching ability, but the premise is that players must absolutely obey him. Mu Qi found out that only a handful of players came to the training that day and these guys had a good discussion. If Mu Qi did not get Ding Yu back, they would protest collectively and not play. Mu Qi put forward the condition that if they win the training match they have arranged for them today, he must have retrieved Ding Yu, but if they lose, they will unconditionally listen later. The match opponents, actually a pupil. Players looked at each other, not at all the little players in the eyes.But they gradually found in the game, the team members have their own strengths, with the proper, unexpectedly scored again and again, eventually won the game. Mu Qi also set up their own prestige in the team. The most exciting competition for winning the qualifying bid has finally arrived. Mu Qi, in response to the fact that the enemy is strong and weak and the strength is very poor, has formulated a confrontational approach to narrowing the opposing offensive zone. Although this "high defensive law" is very effective, but nine coach also found a timely solution to the law. This Mu Qi had already expected, told the team members to make "offside" to foul the other side, both sides stalled. Team leader Pei Duo could not help but ask Mu Qi, but Mu Qi said only: "It's not yet time to attack."

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