Shanshan came(TV)[2014]
Shanshan came(TV)[2014]

《Shanshan came》Cast

Feng Teng Han Zhang Play)

He is calm, meticulous and even a little old-fashioned. When the big boss meets the confused idea of ​​a four-dimensional mind, it seems that he is especially willing to eat rice, belly black, and the nature of being bullied by people is gradually exposed. The days of melting icebergs are full of fun.

Han Zhang

Hans Zhang Han (simplified Chinese: 张翰; traditional Chinese: 張翰; pinyin: Zhāng Hàn, born 6 October 1984) is a Chinese actor, singer and host. He graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in 2007. Zhang is best known for his roles in Meteor Shower (2009) and Meteor Shower II (2010), The Queen of SOP (2012), Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties (2013), Boss & Me (2014), The Four (2015) and Wolf Warriors 2 (2017).

Xue ShanShan Zhao Liying Play)

She is composed of pragmatic, sense of justice and full os, RH negative panda blood. Always use "Shanshan is a small sun, full of positive energy" Come cheer! In the big BOSS Feng Teng's teeth, the rabbit actually vowed to "fight in the end!"

Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying (Chinese: 赵丽颖, born on 16 October 1987), also known as Zanilia Zhao, is a Chinese actress. She is best known for her roles in television series Legend of Lu Zhen (2013), Boss & Me (2014), The Journey of Flower (2015), The Mystic Nine, Noble Aspirations (both in 2016) and Princess Agents (2017); as well as the film Duckweed (2017). She ranked 4th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2017.

Zheng Qi

He is a playboy, he is the business elite, he is the best BIG Big Mac (good buddy)! In fact, he is a big boy you can not resist the sunshine ~ ~ What a thousand girls pursuit is also his indifference, a (Yuan LiShu) her appearance, can make his heart no longer calm


No introduction

Yuan LiShu Chengyuan Li Play)

She is an elegant and neat goddess-class figure, independent, resolutely shaped her, even if as strong as her, but also lost with Feng Teng childhood sweetheart feelings. When the "rookie" class confused rival appears, she also shot ... she also has her gentle side

Chengyuan Li

Chengyuan Li, born on January 23 in Yichang, Hubei province, is an actress and host and graduated from the performance department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 2008, with Qiao Zhenyu, Zhou Liqi, Ying Er starring in the TV series "Book sword Enqiu recorded." In 2012, and the Song Yang, Wang Yanni starred in the movie "Ancestor Liu ape." The same year with Hu Song, Liu Shi-shih starring in the TV series "Sky of the sword of the day marks." September 29, 2013, and starring Chen Sicheng "along the way crazy" release. On November 8, 2013, the premiere of the movie "I Love You is My Love", starring Chang Han-Yu, Wang Luo Dan and Zhu Dan. In 2014, she starred in "Jagged Hongan" with Zhao Wenzhuo, Li Xinru and Liu Dekai. In the same year she starred in the drama Shanshan with Zhang Han and Zhao Liying. In 2016, starred in the legendary inspirational drama "Female Doctor Ming Fei Biography" starring Li Guoli, Liu Shi, Huo Jianhua, Chengyuan Li and others.

More《Shanshan came》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Guo'er Zhangyang Feng Yue Coincidentally, she is also a panda blood; coincidentally, she was actually a big sister BOSS ~ She let the small rabbit Xue ShanShan opened a big heart BOSS, led her into a new world!
Ke Li Bai Yan Qing If you want to select the most gentle husband, he will be picked the best candidate. With Feng Yue, son's little family, he propped up the whole sky.
Annie Shi Xue LiuLiu No introduction
Ting Wang Lu ShuangYi No introduction
PEKO Zhou XiaoWei No introduction
Rosie Yang Wang PinRuo No introduction
Cui Yong-hyun Du Fan No introduction
Haowei Chai You ChengHao No introduction
Adela Lin Da No introduction
Huan He A Mei No introduction
Shiping Cao Lian KeZhang No introduction
Haru A Jia No introduction
(None) Xiao Xuan No introduction
(None) Xi Xi No introduction
Han Yan Qiao Qiao No introduction
Ao Shen Cheng Juan No introduction
(None) Xue Fu No introduction
(None) Xue Mu No introduction
Lian Shuliang Xue YeYe No introduction
Qin 樾 Xue DaBoMu No introduction
(None) Xue TongTong No introduction
Huang Chao Wang Hong No introduction
(None) Wang Shu No introduction
(None) Xiao Zhang No introduction
(None) Xiao Zhu No introduction
(None) Yu MinLong No introduction
(None) Wang XiaoMing No introduction
Chen Ji Jiang Lian No introduction

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