《TheJourneyofFlower》Ep1:Episode 1 Shirako go down experience Father died of serious illness

Hua QianGu is the last god in the world, but also a person who fears the day lonely star. One night sixteen years ago, she was born in "Hualien Village" When she was born, she killed her mother, the whole village flowers also all night withered. Hua QianGu unique life style attracted Shushan sent Qing XuDaoZhang wonder, dawn the next day, Qing XuDaoZhang told Hua Fu to send her daughter to Shushan school. Years of flow, white foils, flicker sixteen years later, the time long to stay cents elite election new head, one of the five immortal repair for outstanding Bai ZiHua get the current head appreciation, Bai ZiHua indulgence unintentional took over the head of the long stay, Mo Yan fellow with the door difficult to solve its own purpose, infatuated with Bai ZiHua purple door is also puzzled. In the dark of the month, Hua Fu suffered a serious illness. The younger age Hua QianGu was able to disperse his innate fears on the night and flew to his residence where Dr. Zhang was murdered. Hua QianGu came to the house of Dr. Zhang to shock the demon beast. Wicked body shape up to several meters arm thick as barrels, seeing Hua QianGu will be funeral spot, Bai ZiHua appeared in time to help, Hua QianGu with Bai ZiHua help find the drug to help his father, suddenly caught fire at home in many villagers, The villagers asked Hua QianGu to leave Hualien. Huai fire burned more prosperous, Bai ZiHua purple door with the door appeared to wipe out the fire, although Hua Fu in the fire to retrieve a life, but it is ill, unable to go back to the days of dying, Hua Fu told Hua QianGu Shushan learn art. The following day, Hua QianGu buried her father with a heavy heart, ignoring the human fireworks Bai ZiHua gradually understand the tragic story of a poor girl who lost her father. Long cents cents sector, Bai ZiHua took over the head office, the responsibility to save the world's common people thus fell on him. Hua QianGu bear in mind his father's training to Shushan Xueyi, Shushan is being besieged siege, palm teach Qing XuDaoZhang was trafficked by the teachings of Yun Yi betrayal, seven killed Yaozu Dan ChunQiu serious injuries. In the valley stream, Hua QianGu undress and take a bath, passing through the valley east of Hua QianGu just hit the naked Hua QianGu bath. Hua QianGu frightened screamed in a hurry, the East is willing to assume responsibility to marry Hua QianGu. Hua QianGu arrived in Shushan to find a serious injury Qing XuDaoZhang, Qing XuDaoZhang Memorial occasion presented several handed down Cheats, Yi Yun came to want to kill Hua QianGu, Bai ZiHua appeared rescue in time, the two left Shushan Dan ChunQiu set Under the "chain bolt" trapped. "Bolt chain" is extremely powerful, the two were trapped after staying overnight before breaking out, Dan ChunQiu tangled party feathers out of Shushan Manjusri incompatible, Bai ZiHua want to take Dan ChunQiu life comforts Qing XuDaoZhang underground soul, demon king Sha QianMo uses the donation method to exchange Dan ChunQiu's life from Bai ZiHua. Hua QianGu want to stay cents celestial ceilings learn arts, ceaseless celestial world every three years had just received.

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