Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Character Relationships

TV《Half way father and son》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Half way father and son》 Character Relationships:

《Half way father and son》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Luo JianJun

Had been in jail, and now released from prison will only be a mixed race, "male reeling silk", the appearance of a few focality, but in fact it is a responsible, know how to keep the promise of the big man. Self-considered daddy, but in the eyes of his son is "shameful" existence, but fortunately he is optimistic, has its own perseverance and a middle-aged man's sense of responsibility, for lovers, parents and stepchildren's Maintenance and protection in his own "rude" ways made him a flesh-and-blood big man.

Jiang Xin

Solo mother who grew up alone to take care of her son appeared to be weak and physically independent and insistent. She was a tiring, forbear, strong, intellectual and feminine woman. Although hurt emotionally, but my heart has always believed in love. Calm life because of the humorous humorous there is a little ruffian uncle Luo JianJun, appeared fluctuations ....

Feng JiaHui

Beautiful and harsh fashion female teachers, but also proud proud of the older women left. Because it is to teach math, so that science has a rigid, more harsh on people, but the overall is a kind and lovely woman. Is Luo JianJun, Jiang Xin their own class teacher, because of the children have contact with parents, and LuoJianJun also have emotional entanglements.

Gao Feng

Jiang Xin's ex-husband, Gao Mai's father, is a handsome and charismatic successful man. However, after divorcing Jiang Xin, it was a "somewhat bad" villain role to resort to resorting to the means of obtaining son's support.

Gao Mai

Jiang Xin's son, who is in a youth rebellious boy, is a stubborn but kind-hearted and bent on remarrying his parents, thus being the "Half-Father" of Luo JianJun.

Luo XiaoLie

No introduction

Jiang Cheng

Jiang Xin's younger brother, Du ChunYan, is a pair of "best" couples who can take advantage of danger when their sister Jiang Xin lives in distress.

Du ChunYan

Jiang Cheng's wife, Jiang Xin's sister-in-law, as a very "wonderful" wonderful woman.

Chen HaoRan

No introduction

Guo Long

No introduction

Ye YingZi

No introduction

Zhong Jie

No introduction

Qiang Ge

No introduction

Xiao Zheng

No introduction



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