Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Ep4:Episode 4

Luo JianJun helping his son to teach classmate Luo XiaoLie persuaded his father Luo JianJun back to Gao Mai's father before Gao Mai's father gave Luo JianJun one hundred thousand yuan and asked Luo JianJun not to go with Jiang Xin. Luo JianJun got 50000 yuan for fifty thousand to Jiang Xin, took half of the money to go home and took Luo XiaoLie to go shopping. One family of three met Gao Mai and Jiang Xin in the mall, while Gao Mai spotted Luo JianJun on the spot His father's money. Luo XiaoLie clarify the truth to persuade his father to return the money to Gao Jia Luo JianJun disagree with totally unwilling to pay back the money, Luo XiaoLie educate his father want money must take the right way, Luo JianJun disagree to remind Luo XiaoLie do not treat Gao Mai father as a gentleman Gao Feng, a father of Gao Mai, is a villain. Luo JianJun does not consider it necessary to pay Gao Feng again. His father and son indignation over the house, Lo grandma came out from the house will put a bag of tens of thousands of dollars placed in front of Luo JianJun, asked Luo JianJun money back to Jiang Xin. Luo JianJun Out of Helplessness Having Only Got Money to Find Jiang Xin Paid Money. When leaving, Jian Jian also expressed love to Jiang Xin and hoped to take care of Jiang Xin for a lifetime. Luo XiaoLie played basketball with Chen HaoRan and others in his spare time. Chen HaoRan usually disagreed with Luo XiaoLie and used basketball to hurt Luo XiaoLie's nose while playing basketball. Feng JiaHui rushed to the court to investigate Luo XiaoLie Crashing the truth, Chen HaoRan triumphantly do not admit he hurt Luo XiaoLie, Luo XiaoLie had to turn to several witnesses for help, one of the witnesses is Gao Mai. Gao Mai, having a personal grudge against Luo XiaoLie, lied under Feng JiaHui's interrogation that she did not see whether Luo XiaoLie was hurt by other students. Luo XiaoLie knew Gao Mai was lying and her heart rasied that Gao Mai did not tell the truth. Since a few eyewitness students refused to testify for Luo XiaoLie, Luo XiaoLie had to knock down the incisors and swallow their belly Wronged home to the family to describe the bitter. Luo JianJun learned that Luo XiaoLie was bullied by her classmates in school and came to Chen HaoRan the next day with Luo XiaoLie and pulled Chen HaoRan out to Luo XiaoLie in a remote area. Chen HaoRan enemy Luo JianJun, Luo JianJun had to beg for mercy, Luo JianJun pull Chen HaoRan wrists, yin and yang grudges Chen HaoRan, Chen HaoRan screaming and painful screams, Feng JiaHui hearing rushed over. Luo JianJun See Feng JiaHui Arriving, Having Tested Chen HaoRan's Bullying Luo XiaoLie Again, in order to prove that Chen HaoRan did bully Luo XiaoLie, Luo JianJun also took Chen HaoRan's recording before the mobile phone was played. Chen HaoRan Confirming that they really bully Luo XiaoLie and Luo JianJun think they taught Chen HaoRan fair and reasonable. Although Chen HaoRan was indeed wrong, Feng JiaHui still opposed Luo JianJun's use of force to teach Chen HaoRan. After all, Chen HaoRan is still a student studying at school, and should be led by the school even if he made a mistake. Gao Mai and his father to eat, Gao Feng reluctant to talk to Gao Mai, Gao Mai that his father was worried about her mother was chased by Luo JianJun, the spot will not let her mother chased by other men.

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