Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Ep31:Episode 31

Era of small column eunuchs returned to class small list of prisoners, Lei Shan sent him a lot of new furniture electrical appliances, the army resolutely do not charge, but also the money back to her. Aunt Luo said that since it has been sent do not back down, just have to change these at home, but the money or to give Ray Shan, but the column has said that things have been accepted. Small column began to go to school again, although he is innocent, but still can not avoid some students pointing him, on the contrary everyone's attitude to Gao Mai is completely different. Gao Mai wants to reconcile with the small columns, but the small columns react coldly, and the students are rather trivial about the small columns, which are more uncomfortable. When he came home, his eldest temper tantrums, and the army wanted to enlighten him, hoping he could get along well with Gao Mai. Small columns said the classmates feel Gao Mai miserable, his father jailed, his mother passed away, but also made homeless relatives, but he is still so strong. Army want to get angry, aunt Luo stopped him, asked him to speak well with a small column. The reaction of the small columns was particularly large. Now he was especially cynical. He felt that his life was a mistake. After his father was released, he thought he would have a better life, but he did because of Jiang Xin and Gao Mai It's like this now. He wanted him to find a reason from himself and he would become more and more painful if he was always so cynical. Small columns are more aggressive, the army could not help but give him a slap in the face, a small amount of gas rushed out. The grandma and the army also chased them out. The army built an apology with the small columns but the small columns did not want to forgive him. The army had to go first. Small column tells grandma that he does not forgive the army because he has no way to share a father with others. Guo Jinhai looking for someone to bring Qiang Ge over, he wants Qiang Ge to do something for himself. Guo Jinhai hope Luo XiaoLie can go to prison, he thought this is absolutely a good opportunity for Qiang Ge, he will give him a lot of money. Qiang Ge agreed, but the request is to own the bar into the shares, Guo Jinhai agreed. Small column mood has not been high, the British child asked him what happened, the small column said he wanted a person for a while. Small column met Qiang Ge on the road, Qiang Ge took him to the massage parlor, there is a girl to do improper service for him, small columns ran out scared. Ray Shan in order to please Lo Aunt sent her beautiful clothes, Luo Aunt her impression better. Lei Shan said tactfully that she hopes to remarry with the army, and Luo aunt said that the army can not give her a life she wants, and she said he did not need it and figured it out. Those are all imaginary. Ok.

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