Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Ep28:Episode 28

Jianjun Gao Mai relationship to ease the delivery of the army received a phone call that a small column to plead guilty, the army quickly rushed to see a small column. Trial began, the police wanted to recapitulate the situation of the day, a small column that he did not sin. Police asked the column is not he to plead guilty? The small column said only one reason for his retrial is his father did not want him to go out. The army told Gao Mai's father that in his prison, his mother passed away and his aunt also cheated his house away from him. Little column is very incomprehensible, he thinks Gao Mai harm himself like this, and now his father actually go to take care of Gao Mai. Jianjun said legally speaking, Gao Mai is now his own child, and his small column requires him to choose only one of himself and Gao Mai. It is very difficult to build the army. The police saw the farce very angry, the small column and brought back. Guo Long and Qiang Ge went to Gao Mai and several went to see Jiang Xin. Gao Mai assured his mother that they would take good care of themselves before Jiang Xin's tombstone. Guo Long and Qiang Ge later brought Gao Mai to the bar. They pack the field, want Gao Mai happy, and said tired later, boring come here to play, look at them. This bar is Guo Jinhai find someone to help Qiang Ge care. The army realized that the change of small columns could not be ignored with Ray Shan, and he quickly found Jia Hui to tell her this matter. Lei Shan to small columns to find the lawyer is to make a small column in advance of plea guilty, and this lawyer is Guo Jinhai company's legal advisers, so the founding army Guo Jinhai and Guo Long can not stand up. Jiahui said he would go back and explore Guo Long's tone tomorrow, it is best to let Guo Long guilty of plea, after all, she did not want to see Guo Long farther and farther down the wrong path. After playing for a while, Gao Mai said he was going back, and all his friends advised him to play for a while, and Gao Mai said he would not go back to Jian Jian. Gao Mai went back to build the army has given him a good meal, Jianjun told him that he is an adult so pay attention to safety, Gao Mai laughed and promised a great change in the relationship between the two. Jiang Cheng is still playing cards, Spring comes and tells him that Jiang Xin passed away. Jiang Cheng is very angry, I feel that such a big thing to build the military do not tell myself too much. Jiang Cheng said he could not build the house. He was just summoned to the court to give him a summons. Jiang Cheng found the army, saying that as soon as he got rich, he gave him the room book and went to see Gao Mai. Jianjun collected but did not let Jiang Cheng into it. Jiang Cheng began to sow discord, the army was very angry to Jiang Cheng roll, put the door to close. Jianjun gave the real estate license to Gao Mai and asked him what's going on? Gao Mai asked Jianjun this is for what? The army told him that he and his wife Jiang Xin had a fight and regarded Gao Mai as their own child. Gao Mai is touched, the relationship between the two is one step closer.

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