Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

Jiangcheng and his wife wanted to mortgage Jiang Xin's house for their own restaurant. Guo Jinhai packed his things ready to leave, Ray Shan asked why he was so heartless. Guo Jinhai said he likes the simple point of the woman, her complex woman so that they simply can not stand, do not know her feelings for themselves and their children in the end is true or false. If so, he would rather divorce, but still want to make the necessary conditions for Mr. Jianjun sent things to Gao Mai, but found that Jiangcheng had already rented out the house. Jiang Jian will find Jiangcheng, but the couple has been pretend to be stupidly stunned. The military found its way to the mountains and asked them why they wanted to do so, saying that they would smash them with cups. Jiang Cheng excused the rent to take care of Gao Mai. The army asked why they did not rent their house and said that Jiang Xin is still in hospital now and he is too unprofessional to do so. At last the army was angry, and he warned them to get the house back quickly. The money Gao Gao lived here came from him. Jian-Jun said the two letters, however, said at night to find Gao Mai asked him to put the room to his custody. But the room had been mortgaged a long time ago, and Jiang Cheng's two men decided to take Gao Mai's guardianship over. In the final analysis, the two decided to go to Gao Feng because Gao Mai's guardianship was at Gao Feng, so as long as Gao Feng gave custody to them so that the house shopkeeper could use it for himself. Jiang Cheng made a lot of delicious couple, Gao Mai was very happy, they also said they would take him to see Gao Feng. Not only did they both say so many bad news about the army building up, they were not aware of the people's hearts when they were afraid of building their own army. If the army found it, they would find it. Because the phone can not get through the army is very anxious, Xiao Wang to build army simply told Jiang Xin forget, but Jian-Jian afraid Jiang Xin, would not. Jianjun went to Jiang Cheng's home to look for Gao Mai, but Gao Mai did not take a good attitude toward him and said that he did not have to take charge of property management. The military is very worried about Gao Mai, but there is no other way but to observe the situation here. On the other side, the army also had to worry about a small list of things. He found Jiahui and told her she was somewhat suspicious about Guo Long's connection with this incident. Guo Hui shouted out Guo Long, and Guo Long was almost collapsed under the constructive interrogation of the army. Jiahui was worried that Guo Long would be gone quickly. She rebuked the army for doing too much, and the army made an effort to apologize to her. Guo Long too scared, he could not help but say this thing to his father. When Gao Feng was met, Jiang Cheng muttered Gao Feng asking him to give Gao Mai his custody, but Gao Feng did not agree.

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