Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Ep19:Episode 19

Jiang Xin getting sick, she found Luo Aunt home, Aunt Lo would put her out, but Ray Shan said she was a small column mother, although she did not do her mother's responsibility, and now he was out of such a big thing, we should To abandon the previous grudges to help small columns. He said that Jiang Xin had found a lawyer. He suggested that as soon as possible to find ways to consult the families of the victims to pay compensation and gain their understanding. Jiang Xin returned a sum of money, but Aunt Luo said that it was Jiang Xin's money to buy peace of mind, determined not to. Lei Shan said that if the money can solve the problem, then wrapped in her, Lo Aunt doubtful the next day Lei Shan sent a million, Luo Aunt to build army to Jiang Xin's money back. Jianjun said he would look at this matter, and Aunt Luo thought he would not let Jiang Xin fall, but under such circumstances they could not possibly be together. Lei Shan told Guo Jinhai Guo Long reported himself a very sought-after remedial classes, she pleaded Guo Jinhai home, Guo Jinhai thought or agreed. Gao Gao had a great illness because of that incident. Jiang Xin gave him food and asked Jiang Xin where the army was built. Jiang Xin told him to let Jianjun go back to Aunt Luo, after all, small list such a big thing. Just then, Jianxin came to find Jiang Xin, who returned the money to Jiang Xin and returned the key to Jiang Xin. An army made an apology with Jiang Xin, Jiang Xin said he could understand it, but he was very sad after closing the door. Hao Long farewell ceremony Guo Long do not want to participate, he is also very shadow on the whole thing. Gao Mai did not go there either. He sat alone in the square and remembered the magnificent bits and pieces. When Yingzi saw it, he sat down and asked him why he did not say goodbye to Chen HaoRan's body. Gao Mai said he did not know about this incident. Did Ying ask him if Gao Mai did not notify him? Gao Mai found Guo Long and said he was going to Hao Ran. Guo Long asked if he really wanted to go? Gao Mai said Haoran would think of them and Guo Long agreed. However, awe-inspiring parents are very blame Gao Mai, they think Hao Ran died for Gao Mai. Jiang Xin became worse and worse. She coughed and the doctor advised her to be hospitalized immediately. Jiang Xin agreed. Before going to hospital, Jiang Xin went to find Gao Feng, and she told him to leave 100,000 yuan for him if he wanted to go to a lawyer. Gao Feng said he knows how much money she has, the money given to what he himself? Jiang Xin said he had everything in his possession, leaving only the ring to think Gao Mai. Gao Feng asked her to arrange everything, is not the future will not come. Jiang Xin told Gao Feng that he had to be admitted to the hospital and has not adhered to the Gao Mai entrance examination. Gao Feng wants her to tell Gao Mai why she is sick now, and Jiang Xin said she was thinking about what to say.

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