Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Ep10:Episode 10

Jiang Xin knows the truth Jiang Xin knows he can not live too long, he wants to shoot several photos with his son. Gao Mai studied hard, and he promised to have a copy of his copybook. Jiang Xin was very pleased that this was his best wish. Jiang Xin thought for a moment, or tempted her son. She said that her aunt and aunt did not have children and that he could not live with them afterwards. Gao Mai said that Dad had said that her aunt could grow a hand in her throat. Jiang Xin was amused by her son, but she told her son that she would go to see her uncle if she needed help later on. In order to keep her son a way, Jiang Xin called her brother-in-law to eat at home, but Jiang Cheng asked her to raise money when she met her. She also said that since her own money could not help her, she borrowed money from her. Jiang Xin did not speak, gave Gao Feng their watch before entering the room and asked them to take it. Jiang Cheng couple immediately said that after the business is better, we must repay her well. Jiang Xin, who was scolded by Jiang Xin, tried to recover something. He deliberately went to manager Yang who had calculated himself and asked him to forgive himself. When Yang learned that he had been fired because of the last incident, he wanted to build a military to work for himself. Now, there are not many people seeking help from the old clubs. The army is grateful. At the time of unloading, Jiang Xin suddenly remembered that she had forgotten something at home, and she asked the clerk to help her get home. At home, clerks accidentally discovered Jiang Xin's medicine for treating lung cancer. The clerk wanted to talk to Jiang Xin about it, but Jiang Xin was too busy. She asked the clerk to drive to Gao Mai for a supper. At this time the army came, the clerk told him recently Jiang Xin is wrong, just as confessed, but also to find their own medicine Jiang Xin said something. After the army found out, he went to Yangjing Li to leave for the security work and came back to help Jiang Xin work. Jiang Xin asked him to do well, why quit, Jianjun said he still want to stay in her work here. Jiang Xin did not want to agree, but Xiao Wang, a clerk, helped Jianjun to persuade her that Jiang Xin was very angry and reproached Wang. Wang took the medicine and told Jiang Xin that he already knew it and told the army. Jiang Xin walked with the army at night and built the army to comfort her. Miracles were created by man and he believed she would surely be able to create miracles in the world. With the encouragement of the army, Jiang Xin began to have hope in life, but the army did not feel good. He was drinking alcohol late outside alone. Jian Xin went to see a doctor with Jiang Xin and the doctor told Jiang Xin that because of overworked physical conditions, the military immediately said that he is incompetent with her husband and will not let her work hard afterwards. When they came out, Jiang Xin told the army they were ordinary friends, but the army said they did not mind her getting sick, and this could not justify her being driven away. He asked what kind of feeling Jiang Xin himself had, Jiang Xin told himself that he was reliable.

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