Half way father and son(TV)[2014]
Half way father and son(TV)[2014]

《Half way father and son》Ep1:episode 1

Luo JianJun Home stealing money was grabbed by her mother Luo JianJun middle-aged nothing to wander around the area Luo XiaoLie return home to see his father Luo JianJun doing nothing all day, my heart came to anger, went home quietly, Luo JianJun is watching a few A community resident playing chess, saw his son Luo XiaoLie home from school, LuoJianJun smile Luo XiaoLie greet, Luo XiaoLie while walking to the direction of the home side of his father Luo JianJun idle idle, father and son back home at the moment No matter what happened, Quoting Luo's grandchildren Luo XiaoLie, countless Luo JianJun for many years nothing to be unemployed at home. Luo Grandma go out to sell some of the waste, Luo JianJun came to her mother's living room to steal money, Lo grandma go out to see the door open, his face rising alert and quietly looked to the room, Luo JianJun back to his mother looked down and drawer In the notes, Lo grandma shouted into the room, quietly picked up an umbrella came to Luo JianJun behind is a heavy knock, Luo JianJun suffered a heavy knock on the pale turned, Luo Grandma scolded Luo JianJun leisurely Stealing money at home. Luo JianJun ran to another room with banknotes closed the door, grandma had to stand outside the door to persuade Luo JianJun to find a job, Luo JianJun steal money in order to buy lottery tickets, Luo grandma laugh and laugh remind Luo JianJun lottery is an idiot . Luo JianJun does not agree with the mother's point of view, reminding her mother can not find the right job for him. Feng JiaHui cheer up the students in the entrance exam in the classroom. The student Xiao Bing sat at the desk and looked at Feng JiaHui. His eyes full of admiration. Encouraged by Feng JiaHui, students were full of confidence and high morale. In the evening, Xiao Bing came home from school and her mother Jiang Xin sat at the table to eat instant noodles. Before her school, Xiao Bing met her father and got a present. Although her father had divorced her mother, Xiao Bing was still very uncomfortable Hope parents can remarry. After the divorce of Jiang Xin and Xiao Bing, they often eat instant noodles at night. Xiao Bing hugged her mother Jiang Xin with a smile on his face. Intentionally asked if her mother was looking for an object. Jiang Xin consulted to eat instant noodles and did not want to answer Xiao Bing's words. To persuade the mother to remarry with her father. Luo XiaoLie's birthday, Luo JianJun and her mother celebrated Luo XiaoLie's birthday at home. Luo XiaoLie made two wishes to the big cake on the table. The first wish was that her grandmother would live a long, healthy life. The second Wish I hope my father Luo JianJun can find a job. Luo JianJun see his son birthday also brought him to find a job, his face upset and son quarreled, Lo grandma stood aside to help Luo XiaoJie LuoJianJun remind LuoJianJun not to find a job to become a nibble, Luo JianJun anger from which to admit that he is eating the old tribe, Luo Grandma hate iron is almost no steel was Luo JianJun faint halo. Luo XiaoLie See his father Luo JianJun quarrel with her grandmother, angrily LuoJianJun right, Luo JianJun emotionally intolerable patience first broke the cake, and then fired Liu XiaoLie a loud slap in the face, Luo XiaoLie suffered a Luo JianJun a slap emotion Low silent

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