Tiny Times(TV)[2014]
Tiny Times(TV)[2014]

《Tiny Times》Character Relationships

TV《Tiny Times》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Tiny Times》 Character Relationships:

《Tiny Times》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Lin Xiao

Narrator of the little age. Birthday, blood type is unknown. Age 24 years old. With Gu Li, Nan Xiang, Tang WanRu as friends, graduated from the Chinese Department of Shanghai University. Now a personal assistant to Gong Ming, the magazine of M.E. Like the text, emphasis on friendship, gentle personality, no assertiveness, and sometimes a little childish, has always felt that he is a small figure. Nan Xiang is called "jealous and inferior personality." I admire my friend Gu Li and my colleague Kitty. Fell in love with Jian Xi from high school, broke up with Jian Xi, and Chong Guang together. In the virtual copper era, Chong Guang was chosen among Jian Xi and Chong Guang. Cohabited with Chong Guang in the late Golden Age. Beginning of the Golden Age in Jealousy. After Gu Li rebel separation still support her, think he is Gu Li's best friend. After the outcome of the fire, changed jobs and moved away from Shanghai. [3]

Gu Li

Lin Xiao's good friend, majoring in international finance, completed a double bachelor in four years with an unbeaten run of 0000. After entering the "M.E" has served as chief financial officer and advertising director. Her boyfriend is Gu Yuan, her cousin is Neil, and her own brother Gu Zhun and Jimmy (Sting Era). Later, because of the ancient financial crisis of 70 million and suffering from uterine cancer, and separated from the crowd, only Lin Xiao, Neil accompany it around. After he is well, he reconciles with all others. Finally killed in a fire [2]

Nan Xiang

Have received a lot of art awards. Beauty belongs to natural beauty of natural beauty, no powder is also flawless, the United States as a mystery. The appearance is Lin Xiao, Gu Li, Tang WanRu, and other women's most outstanding. Jin into the era of "M. E" work, and gradually get Gong Ming re-use, trigger Lin Xiao jealous. Painful abuse by Xi Cheng, a former boyfriend, came together with Wei Hai, the sports department, during the Copper Age. Sting gold era after Wei Hai cheating began to Gu Zhun contacts. The text has spent a lot of ink, described her "glamorous", "Beautiful angel", "Qingxiu beauty", "femme fatale" and so on. Finally killed in a fire. [2]

Gong Ming

Very old, picked up by a carriage every day, barely contaminated with dust on the ground. He squandered material, enjoy life, buy a cup with other people's wages a month, indifferent to others, not human. He looked down upon many things and dismissed others with contempt. (Origami era) He does not like any bitter taste of things. You can not use punctuation marks other than commas and periods, especially exclamation points, when talking to or typing or texting. Chong Guang, a step-by-step brother brought by his stepmother, Chong Guang, the only weakness of Gong Ming, loved the younger brother very much. Serious cleanliness, he likes his family things are white. Honest and cautious, Gu Li has always wanted to become a man, and can be tied with Gu Li's war or victory. Has a computer-like brain that works like a robot forever. There is no "lose" in his dictionary. Although the head of a huge halo, but heart than anyone else alone.

Tang WanRu

One of the actresses, with a strong body of badminton players. With the virginity side of the North, but in front of like people but also demonstrated the gentle side of the southern women. Although less root tendons, but simple, kind, (can also be said that weird, messy) is a more real character, she often unconsciously in front of everyone out, it can be said that the role of live treasure in the movie. Tang WanRu has been continually graduating with her status as a sporting elite, despite the unsatisfactory cultural achievements. Tang WanRu's demeanor is very funny, so readers like her very much. In the second quarter of the virtual copper era, Tang WanRu went to Nan Xiang to find Nan Xiang quarrel (for Wei Hai), but saw Nan Xiang's mother drugged. Not for revenge Nan Xiang, she was completely out of the idea of ​​protecting Nan Xiang. Tang WanRu childhood education is: out of trouble, looking for police uncle. Died in a fire at the end of the Golden Age. [4]

Chong Guang

Gentle innocence, loving, casual. Like to play games, morbid obsession with gray. Love to eat ice cream. Like Lin Xiao, Gong Ming's younger brother (Gong Ming's mother and her ex-husband's son) did not get the attention they deserved at home, except that his older brother Gong Ming had been good to him. With stomach cancer, Lin Xiao has developed to the late stage, in the era of 1.0 Origami Era surgical recovery. In the virtual copper era should Gongsun (Gong Ming and Chong Guang's father) order suspended animation. Later, with a new face after plastic surgery and Lin Xiao reunion, became a well-known model Lu burn, but this time Jian Xi has been back to Lin Xiao, but Lin Xiao chose Chong Guang. Born in the Golden Age with Lin Xiao, later co-lived with Lin Xiao. Finally killed in a fire. [3]

Jian Xi

Be gentle, gentleman style. Lin Xiao is like a youthlike existence. Family conditions are good. Lin Xiao's ex-boyfriend, Gu Yuan, Gu Li and others have been good friends since junior high school and are brothers with Gu Yuan. And Lin Xiao's feelings have always been very stable, because Lin Lin's relationship with Lin Quan promised to deal with Lin Quan derailed and lying Lin Lin, resulting in two cracks, although the performance of reconciliation, but in the heart of Lin Xiao stay Under the shadow, because of the events that happened on Gu Li's birthday party, she gave up Lin Xiao and went away with Lin Quanyuan. Back in the Copper Age, Gu Li and Gu Yuan showed that they love Lin Xiao from beginning to end. Jian Xi is actually threatened by Lin Quan. Lin Xiao and Lin Quan are both helping Lin Xiao and Gu Li to pay off their debts in order to protect Lin Xiao. However, after seeing the intimate scenes of Lin Xiao and Chong Guang, they left Shanghai at the end of the virtual copper era and left a message that they only loved Lin Xiao in this life. Back in the golden age, with Lin Xiao completely broke up.

Gu Yuan

Constellation, blood type is unknown, professional for the Department of International Finance, has a good family background. "M.E" Chief Financial Officer. Gu Li and a similar character, but not so cold and she has a very emotional side. Because of the relationship between the mother (Ye ChuanPing) and Gu Li once cold war, but the two still deep feelings. Originally intended to be with her at the birthday party at Gu Li, she was abandoned because she learned about the relationship between Gu Li and Xi Cheng but later reconciled and is ready to marry Gu Li for not being properly The timing, no action. Thorn gold era finally after the storm, but still deeply in love with Gu Li. Finally killed in a fire.

Xi Cheng

No introduction

Wei Hai

Constellation, blood type is unknown. Appearance vitality, belonging to the muscle type. Family background is unclear, initially judging the well-off families, because in the origami, Wei Hai saw Gu Yuan buy expensive bags, shaking his head. Nan Xiang's second boyfriend, ex-girlfriend Tong Yao, Tang WanRu crush object. Tong Yao misunderstood because of Tang WanRu Misunderstanding, resulting in breaking up. Later, because Tang WanRu broke up with Nan Xiang and got it back. Because of the desecration of the Golden Age, he broke up with Nan Xiang and left Shanghai to travel to Beijing. [4]

Xu Wei

No introduction


Gu Li's cousin, one of the lead actresses, has a generous family profile comparable to or even better than Gu Li, a handsome, half-breed face and a perfect gentleman. Gu Li childhood in the era, is a symbol of the little devil, leaving more rational, cruel, cool known Gu Li pouring countless love for him. After junior high school, Neil became the demon ancestor of Gu Li, and Gu Li became the nanny who helped him deal with the mess. Neil is gay. Because Neil and Gu Yuan's kiss messed up Gu Li's birthday party, Neil was gay for Gu Li as a serious matter because Gu Li hurts her cousin very much. Neil is a lawyer and is equally capable and has been placed in the "M.E" Legal Department. Gui Jin era left Gu Li with the phrase "I am not happy anymore." He returned to the United States but soon came back to help Gu Li because of Gu Li's father's incident. Finally killed in a fire. [4]

Lin Ting

No introduction

Lu ZhiWen

No introduction

Ye ChuanPing

No introduction

Yuan Yi

No introduction


Gong Ming's assistant. Beautiful appearance, exquisite makeup, tough work, and some aspects of Gu Li similar, she also very much worship Gong Ming. Regardless of Lin Xiao outstanding performance in all aspects. [4]

Fang Hua

No introduction

Jiang Yu

No introduction

Tong Yao

No introduction



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