Tiny Times(TV)[2014]
Tiny Times(TV)[2014]

《Tiny Times》Ep1:episode 1

In the early morning, people in the downtown area came and went all the way, Lin Xiao still lying in bed and asleep until his friend called Lin Xiao woke up from sleep, get out of bed to help her mother move, Lin Xiao handed a cardboard box carelessly hit the neighbor Aunt Hou, Aunt Hou is preparing to go out to play mahjong, see the carton fell from the side, aunt Hou a few days in shock a few words. Lin mother afraid Hou aunt angry, and quickly reach out to help Aunt Chuibei, Aunt Hou did not embarrassed to open the forest mother, worried Lin beat her wealth. Lin Xiao moved to the new home accompanied by the family moved inside, his friend Tang Wan double still in school to do physical exercise, physical education teacher brought a new classmate named Wei Hai, Wei Hai respectfully greet all the students to finish the movement Wei Hai bathed in the men's bathroom and waited for Wei Hai to start a bath, with a sudden drop of soap next to it. Wei Hai watched the sudden appearance of soap full of curiosity. Waiting for Wei Hai to pick up the soap, Tang WanRu walked naked from the other place. At a glance, Wei Hai did not wear clothes. Tang WanRu scared heel and kicked Wei Hai. Tang WanRu rushed to attend a teacher's wedding, Lin Xiao, who has come to the wedding scene, Tang WanRu on the phone before Wei Hai looked at the body things came out, the driver that Tang WanRu very Interesting, could not help but laugh. Tang WanRu rushed to the wedding scene with Lin Xiao and others attended the teacher's wedding. The teacher's object is about six or seventy years old. The teacher himself is forty or fifty years old. Tang WanRu and others envy the teacher to find their favorite object. The end of the wedding Tang WanRu met Wei Hai, saw Wei Hai appeared, Tang WanRu gas hit a place, in front of everyone face chasing Wei Hai. Lin Xiao received an interview with a company invited Lin Xiao soon after the interview came to interview her with a dozen women, the beginning of a few women because of the perfume scent is too vulgar, Interview leaders bluntly for several women to leave first, followed by Lin Xiao with several women interviewed by the examiner, assessment of the interview leader in charge of letting everyone go home and other notices. Nan Xiang is good at painting scene often make extras in the studio scene, Lu Ye leaves Nanxiang full of affection, when the move with Nan Xiang approached, Nan Xiang is hostile to the land of leaves, speak. Gu Li prepares to eat with Xu Wei, a business genius. Lin Xiao walks with Gu Li to the outside of the restaurant to see Xu Wei. An alter face makes an excuse for Gu Li to eat alone with Xu Wei. Nan Xiang in the studio drawing when the director needs a group of actors, Lu Yeh soon recommended to the director Nan Xiang, Nan Xiang came to the locker room to prepare for a change of clothing acting, the director suddenly came in and asked to check whether there Nan Nan body scars. Nan Xiang see the director is not pregnant with the intention to check her body, face vigilance watching the director, leg instinct to take a few steps back.

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