Tiny Times(TV)[2014]
Tiny Times(TV)[2014]
Tiny Times(TV)[2014]

Tiny Times(TV)[2014]

Episode: 34 Area: China
Stars: Ivy Chen Kaitong Jiang Andrea Chen More>> Language:
Director: Qu Youning Year: 2014
Writer: Chunhua Lin Genre: Urban | Love | Inspirational | Idol
Producer: Liang Dong Sun Yang

《Tiny Times》Episodes

The drama "The Little Era" was adapted from the novel of the same name by Guo Jingming. The story is based on Shanghai's famed and stylish city with the rapid economic development. It tells the story of four young children, Lin Xiao, Nan Xiang, Gu Li and Tang Wanru , Girls with different values ​​and outlook on life, the great changes in friendship, love and even affection they have gone through, are a vivid portrayal of the current youth life. The story begins. Like the high school, they continue their profound friendship. Later, after being in contact with each other's real life, traces of transformation and growth have taken place in some places. Her boyfriend also had various complex relationships and stories with others, leading to many misunderstandings and jealousies and continuing to live without understanding, quarrels and good life. But everything is changing, changes in the surrounding environment are also changing their values ​​of life. This is a dream shining era, which is also an ideal cooling era; this is the worst time, this is the best time, this is our childhood.

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